What Is Ivana Trump Saying About Melania Trump’s Accent?

Ivana Trump and Melania Trump are locked in a public feud after exchanging words via the media on Monday. Ivana is promoting the sale of her new book, Raising Trump, and is giving numerous interviews during her press tour. On Monday’s Good Morning America, Ivana jokingly called herself the real “first lady” because she was Trump’s first wife. She made some other statements as well, such as having the president’s phone number but avoids calling him so she won’t make Melania “jealous.” Melania released a statement later in the day calling Ivana “attention seeking” and creating “self-serving noise” to sell her books.

In another interview with Ivana Trump, the question was brought up about rumors that she once criticized Melania Trump’s accent. The segment aired on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning, but was taped last week; it was prior to the sit-down she had with GMA on Monday.

Fox Insider recapped the interview in which Ainsley Earhardt asked Ivana about once criticizing Melania’s accent when she was out with some friends. Ivana denies she said anything derogatory about Melania, saying that she’s a “nice girl” and being on the campaign is “tough.” The media reported that Ivana said Melania “cannot speak.”

“She has an accent, I have an accent. We are both immigrants, so that did not really come from me,” Ivana said.

Ivana Trump addresses the situation in her book and also emphasized in the interview that she reached out to Melania Trump after reports alleged she criticized Melania’s accent.

“I sent Melania a text [saying] the last thing I would ever want to do is say something bad about you, because you are family,” Ivana revealed. “And I don’t say anything bad or do anything bad to a family member.”

Ivana says she sees the first lady occasionally and there’s “absolutely no problem” between them. Donald Trump’s first wife is relieved, however, that Melania is the one in Washington, D.C., and not her. Ivana relishes her privacy, something the first lady of the United States no longer has. Ivana has no desire to live in the White House and calls Washington a “tough, tough town.”

After the interview, Earhardt chimed in on the controversy between Ivana and Melania. She told her co-hosts that she didn’t get the impression Ivana had any friction with Melania whatsoever and that her “first lady” comment on Monday wasn’t meant as any type of slight against the current Mrs. Trump. Earhardt continued that Ivana speaks “glowingly” of Melania, her grown children like her, and she supports the first lady. The Fox & Friends co-host didn’t agree with Melania’s statement that Ivana is just looking for attention because she didn’t get that impression from her at all.

[Featured Image by Clemens Bilan/Getty Images]