P!nk Lashes Out After Claiming 'There's Still Hope' For Donald Trump

P!nk is feeling the heat after she claimed on Twitter that she believes "there's still hope" for Donald Trump and his presidency.

The singer, whose real name is Alecia Moore, tweeted the 45th president of the United States on October 9 and told him that she thinks he's doing a "terrible job" as president and urged him to turn things around, after which angry fans attacked the singer and claimed that her tweets were a political endorsement and suggested that she's a Trump supporter.

The drama first started after P!nk wrote on the social media site, "I've seen people change and turn their lives around. There's still hope for you @POTUS. It's what the world needs."

She then followed up her initial tweet by adding, "@POTUS you are doing a terrible job. Worse than every other job you've done terrible at. Do you seriously have time to worry about the NFL?"

That's when a number of the singer's fans slammed her in angry messages on social media and suggested that she voted for Trump in the 2017 presidential election.

After a barrage of angry tweets came in, P!nk defended her political stance and made it pretty clear that she did not vote for Trump. She called out her followers for suggesting she may have been supporting the businessman before or during his presidency.

Pink is hitting back at angry fans who accused her of being a Donald Trump supporter
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After one fan claimed that they "knew" P!nk voted for Trump last year, she denied the accusation and replied by accusing them of "sniffing glue" for suggesting she supported or voted for the Republican.

"I'm sorry y'all. I assumed you all knew who the f**k I am and what the f**k I stand for," the "Just Like Fire" singer then hit back amid the allegations. "Cause I have never faltered. I have always been me."

P!nk then clarified her tweet suggesting that there may still be hope for Trump and his presidency and told her more than 30 million followers that her message was not an endorsement, instead claiming that her tweet was in support of change and positivity.

"I think this world needs HOPE and LOVE and POSITIVITY," P!nk then clarified, "and we all need some inspiration to not be S****Y ALL THE TIME."

She then continued to spread her positive message and once again called out those who attacked her on the social media site.

"I pray for love and change and light," P!nk said in another message posted to the site on October 9 before blasting her followers who attacked her once again. "I also pray I never become as cynical and snarky and s****y as some of the people on my twitter feed," she said.

Notably, the mom of two has been very vocal about her disdain for Trump over the past several months and made it clear after Donald Trump was elected as the 45th president of the United States last year that she most certainly wasn't a fan of the businessman or many of his followers or supporters.

P!nk voiced her sadness and anger on Instagram the day after the election and urged people to both block and unfollow her if they didn't share her views.

"To any of you closet racists, homophobes, sexists….. please block me. Please unfollow me. We do not respect each other," P!nk wrote in the caption of a selfie the day after the election.

"You do not have my respect, and I obviously don't have yours. We are not friends," she then continued in the caption, which was seemingly aimed at Trump and his supporters. "To everyone else, we shall overcome. Stay on the path of love and tolerance."

What do you think of P!nk's response to angry fans accusing her of being a Donald Trump supporter?

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