‘It’ Screenwriter Reveals Favorite Halloween Movie—And He Goes Back 30 Years To Find It

The movie It is one of the scariest movies out right now, but the co-writer of the clown-themed horror flick has a thing for vampires, too. Entertainment Weekly asked screenwriter Gary Dauberman to recommend a scary flick for this Halloween, and the Annabelle: Creation writer went back 30 years to come up with a recommendation. While Dauberman admitted it would be “tough” to pinpoint an all-time favorite horror flick, he revealed that he recently revisited a 1987 movie that he hadn’t watched in a while and forgot how far ahead of its time it really was.

“And that’s Lost Boys,” he said. “If anybody hasn’t watched that recently, it really was ahead of its time.”

The It writer described the Joel Schumacher thriller as a “fun, scary movie” and admitted he forgot how influential it was at the time of its release.

“So much of the stuff I love is all packed into this movie,” he explained. “The scares are scary, and when the humor is there it’s funny, but it provides this lightness to contrast against all that darkness. It makes the scares pop all the more. It could be made today with the same script and it would still fit in.”


Dauberman also gave props to The Lost Boys cast, which included Jason Patric, Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Kiefer Sutherland, Jamie Gertz, and Diane Wiest.

The Lost Boys was released in July 1987 and it followed the story of a single mom (Wiest) and her two teen sons (Patric, Haim) as they relocated to the vampire-infested seaside town, Santa Carla, California. The film made Haim and Feldman teen idols and spawned two direct to video sequels, Lost Boys: The Tribe and Lost Boys: The Thirst. Thirty years later, the film is still a fan favorite, but getting an endorsement from one of today’s greatest horror writers is a pretty big deal.

Last year, Deadline reported that a Lost Boys TV series is in the works for the CW. The small screen adaption of the flick will be a seven-season, anthology-style run, which will tell a story spanning 70 years, with each season chronicling a decade. Season 1 of The Lost Boys series is slated to be set in San Francisco during the Summer of Love, 1967, and while the antagonist and the story will change with each season, the immortal Lost Boys remain the same because they never grow up.

Take a look at the video below to see the original trailer for The Lost Boys.


[Featured Image by Scott Eisen/Getty Images for Warner Bros.]