‘One Pound Fish’ Singer Asked To Leave United Kingdom

The song “One Pound Fish” may have over seven million views on Youtube, but you won’t find its singer celebrating in the United Kingdom.

After making a splash on the country’s Christmas pop charts, the song’s creator has been asked to leave the UK because of an expired visa. Muhammad Nazir, also known as the One Pound Fish Man, will return to his home in Pakistan until completing the necessary steps to renew his visa status.

The Mirror reports that the internet sensation will be ringing in the new year with his family in the town of Pattoki. However, he plans to make the jaunt back to the UK in the near future. The novelty singer has been living in Britain for over a year on the terms of a student visa.

Nazir, a 31-year-old father of four children, first made the move in an effort to attain a better life for his family. He began his time in London working at Queens Market selling fish. His sales pitch to customers came in the form of a catchy tune pointing out the value of his wares, according to The Washington Post.

Simple but catchy, the song charmed crowds on the streets of London. Amateur video footage of his “One Pound Fish” tune found its way onto YouTube where it gained momentum. Millions of views later the song was tweaked by a producer who added music and a dose of Auto-Tune.

The updated “One Pound Fish” garnered over seven million views and landed Nazir a recording deal. The song even blasted its way into the UK Top 40 just two weeks following its debut on the charts. Although it missed the coveted Christmas Number One spot, it rose to a respectable number 29 on the British chart.

You can watch the snappy “One Pound Fish” video below:

The “One Pound Fish” singer plans to quickly sort out his visa paperwork so that he can return to the United Kingdom as a working performer.