Wendy Williams Forced To Remain With ‘Cheating Husband’ After Alleged Infidelity Scandal

Wendy Williams says she’s somewhat forced to stick by her husband, Kevin Hunter, in the midst of his cheating scandal with his massage therapist, it’s been alleged.

The talk show host was stunned when Daily Mail had uncovered the double life Hunter had been living for what the outlet claims has been a 10-year discreet affair, though it’s unclear whether Wendy Williams knew about it or not.

In this case, however, it doesn’t matter because even if she knew, Wendy wouldn’t have wanted the information to get back to some of the biggest news outlets in the world.

After having found herself in the hot seat last week when the story first came to light, Wendy Williams is alleged to have thought about divorcing her husband and what the options would be regarding the case.

It was something that crossed her mind, according to Hollywood Life, but it’s very unlikely that she would ever pull through with such an idea, and there are many factors behind why it can’t happen.

Kevin Hunter plays a huge role in the success of Wendy Williams’ talk show, where he’s known to hold executive producer rights. He is actively managing his wife’s career on top of that, having landed the 53-year-old lucrative deals that have earned the couple millions in revenue.

From clothing lines to launching her own app, the earnings are increasing annually and Wendy Williams couldn’t be happier about it.


Of course, money shouldn’t excuse the supposed fact that her husband cheated on her, nor should she overlook the matter just because she’s managed by the man she calls the love of her life.

However, in Wendy Williams’ mind, she believes that divorcing her husband could potentially see her empire fall flat.

Because of the important position Kevin holds at Wendy’s talk show, the former radio personality is unsure of how well things would run if Hunter was no longer overseeing the production work.

And lastly, the couple share a teenage son together, and just like her parents, Wendy Williams couldn’t imagine her only son growing up without an active father in the house — divorce is not something she’s considering any longer.

[Featured Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]