‘The Young And The Restless’ And ‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Drama: CBS Television City Sale Pondered

The Young And The Restless and The Bold And The Beautiful both film at CBS’ Television City studios. However, there might be some relocation drama if the property gets sold. According to the LA Times, the 25-acre complex might be sold. If that happens, Y&R and B&B will have to find new homes.

Television City was home for legendary performers like Judy Garland, Jack Benny, and much more. Owned by CBS Corp., selling the historic studio complex is being pondered.

Before The Young And The Restless and The Bold And The Beautiful fans start panicking, a final decision has not been reached yet. However, money does talk and it is reported that selling the Fairfax district property could bring in profits in excess of $900 million. The value is determined by a lot of factors. The 25-acre property has a desirable location and is historically significant.

In 1950, CBS decided to move entertainment productions from New York to Los Angeles. The corporate giant bought the property for a reported $7 million. Architect William Pereira was hired to create a futuristic design for the complex.

It is claimed that the move to the West coast is what gave the city part of its identity and jumpstarted the booming television production industry. These days, when people think of television, an image of Los Angeles automatically comes to mind.

The history and value of Television City are impressive. However, the plans for the future of the complex are not. What will replace the production home of Y&R and B&B? Hotels, office space, and underground parking were all mentioned. It seems like a shame and a waste. However, it is reported that those things could improve the employment outlook for locals. Some believe that the land is underutilized, even though those same individuals understand that Television City is legendary.

Not everyone is eager for the potential sale. Jim Shea, video editor for WBTS Boston, owned by NBC, thinks Television City should be declared a national landmark. He noted the number of legendary TV programs. He also referenced the long line of entertainment icons that have stepped into Television Studio over the decades.

“Television City represents the pinnacle of high production standards in television. The site ought to be declared a national historic landmark because of the number of legendary programs that emanated from that facility and the people who passed through its doors — it’s a who’s who of luminaries in television.”

Share your thoughts on the possible sale of Television City. The Young And The Restless and The Bold And The Beautiful will have to relocate if the complex is sold. If this happens, where will they make their new home?

[Featured Image by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP Images]