Prince William Wanted To Make Lasagna For Kate Middleton: Giada Reveals Her Advice, Cooking For Royal Couple

Giada De Laurentiis has cooked for many esteemed guests, but her very favorite was cooking for Prince William and Kate Middleton. Not only did she cook for the royal couple, but was able to give some cooking advice to the newly married prince, who had failed at his own attempt at making homemade lasagna for his then new bride, Duchess Catherine. What was Giada’s advice, and what did she cook for Kate and William?

When the newly married Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went on a tour of the United States in 2011, famed celebrity chef, author, and Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis cooked for the couple.

Giada recently recalled to Popsugar that she had to keep this visit a secret, but before the couple arrived to their special dinner, Prince William’s secretary unexpectedly contacted Giada, and asked her for some cooking advice for the prince, himself.

Apparently, William had previously tried making homemade lasagne for Kate, but it didn’t turn out as he wished.

When Giada met William in person, he repeated the story and told Giada that he “was unsuccessful doing so.” He asked her what the “key” was to making a great lasagna?

What sort of cooking tip did Giada recommend to this newlywed royal? She told William that it was all in the sauce.

“You’ve got to make sure that you have enough sauce to get a nice crust on top and you’ve got to let it sit before you cut into it. It has got to set, otherwise it’ll just be a pool of mess.”

They asked Giada if William took her advice and tried to make homemade lasagna again, and she enthusiastically replied, “I bet you he did!”

Although Kate and William are mostly secretive about their private lives, they do occasionally share a bit into their family life and what they eat. Recently, they told the BBC One radio program that they get take-out curry and watch Game of Thrones at home in their “comfy” clothes.

As for Giada, what did she cook for the royal couple? People reported that she made a pea pesto crustini starter, with pureed peas on toasted ciabatta, with a half cherry tomato garnish. Then she served a California chopped salad that included shrimp, corn, and lettuces all grilled, along with raw zucchini, and crispy tortillas. This was all topped with a “light” dressing. The main course was a Chicken Milanese, an Italian favorite, harking to Giada’s roots. This is a breaded chicken with a fennel-and-tomato sauce over the cutlets.

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