Trump Talks Latinas, Says ‘Puerto Rico’ 3 Times With Spanish Accent – Melania Looks Aghast Then Laughs [Video]

According to Twitter, President Donald Trump is back to his “Trumpian” ways. As seen in the below video, Trump pulled out his Spanish accent three times to pronounce Puerto Rico, in a way that a Puerto Rican might pronounce the name of the U.S. territory, during a Hispanic Heritage Month event in the East Room of the White House on Friday, October 6. The fourth time that Trump said Puerto Rico, Trump said it the way a guy like the president might say Puerto Rico.

“We are also praying for the people of Puerto Rico. We love Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico. And we also love Puerto Rico.”

Folks on Twitter are commenting about First Lady Melania Trump’s reaction to her husband saying Puerto Rico so many times with a Spanish accent. Melania can be seen looking over at Trump with wonderment or confusion or perhaps worry — that is, until someone in the crowd shouts back that they love Trump as well. When the crowd breaks into laughter, so does Melania. Twitter users are suggesting that Trump is mad at Puerto Rico “for the lack of gratitude they have for all the nothing he did for them.” Trump also had other words for the Hispanic Americans in the room, as seen in the below NBC News video, where Trump said they were sometimes “too tough.”

Trump saw fit to praise Latinas for the growth in businesses lead by Hispanic-American females, much to the delight of those screaming in the crowd.

Trump also said that sometimes Hispanic Americans are “too tough,” but it was a notion that he would have to deal with, along with their smartness.

Meanwhile, as Trump celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month by affecting a Spanish accent, the president is being criticized — according to the below Yahoo tweet — for helping out in the wealthy suburbs of Puerto Rico.

According to the below Newsweek tweet, Mexico came to the aide of Puerto Rico after Trump’s “disastrous” visit.

Twitter users are also joking that President Trump says Puerto Rico in the same manner that Alec Baldwin would say Puerto Rico while playing Trump on SNL.

In the wake of President Trump’s visit to Puerto Rico, there have been plenty of comments made about Trump’s paper towel-throwing incident. Whereas some may have seen it as a humorous move, others called it dehumanizing for Trump to throw paper towels at suffering people as if they were dogs.

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]