Jackie Chan Confirms Rush Hour 4, But There’s A Catch — Will Chris Tucker Join Him?

Rush Hour fans, rejoice. Jackie Chan just confirmed that Rush Hour 4 is happening. Well, kind of. During an appearance on The Cruz Show, Jackie confirmed that, after seven years, “they” finally stopped turning down the scripts for Rush Hour 4 and that a movie will be made. As one can expect, there is a catch, however. Chris Tucker has to get on board.

“Next year,” he replied when asked when fans could expect the next film.”For the last seven years we’ve been turning down the script, turning down the script, [and] yesterday we just agreed [on the script]. Probably end of this month they’ll have a second draft. Next year they’ll probably start, I hope–if Chris Tucker agrees.”

Chris Tucker starred opposite of Jackie Chan in the buddy-cop franchise in the first three installments, the last of which came out in 2007. Since then, there have been rumblings over the years of a possible fourth film, but nothing ever came to fruition. Now, it finally might. That’s if they can get Chris Tucker to agree, which may be trickier than one might think.

Despite the massive success that the Rush Hour 1 and 2 brought Chris Tucker, it took a lot of coaxing to get him to agree to do Rush Hour 3 a decade ago. In an interview with Thought Co, when asked about Rush Hour 4, Chris Tucker revealed that Jackie Chan “chased him” for five years to agree to Rush Hour 3. Because of this, Chris said that Jackie told him he would have to do the chasing next time around.

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“Not in five years. Jackie told me, ‘I chased you for five, six years! This time you call me!'”

In the same breath, Chris Tucker did seem optimistic about the prospect of a fourth film, however.

“So if this one does good, what I’ll do, I’ll just go write a script with a writer. I’ll come up with it real fast. I’ll just do it real fast, have it there, a matter of fact. I’m just going to get a script done.”

It would seem that Chris Tucker has a had a change of heart since this interview. One, it’s been ten years since Rush Hour 3 came out, which means that it’s about five years overdue according to his timeline. Two, it would seem that Jackie Chan is the on-board, and is, again, waiting for Chris to agree.

Chris Tucker hasn’t responded to Jackie Chan’s comments at this time, but we’ll update you if he does.

You can check out Jackie Chan’s interview below.

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