'General Hospital' Spoilers: Jason And Franco Battle, Carlos' Trial Begins, And The Search For Sabrina Causes Waves

General Hospital spoilers for the week of April 25 tease that there is plenty of action related to Sam and Jason on the way while the search for Sabrina and the baby continues. There are stunts, confessions, and confrontations ahead, and viewers will be curious to see what comes next.

As viewers saw on Friday's show, Michael and Felix thought they had a lead on Sabrina, but they have not found her quite yet. The search continues, but Soap Central teases that Michael and Sonny will end up butting heads over the topic of Sabrina.

Alexis is representing Carlos now, and General Hospital spoilers detail that she will be formulating a plan to keep him out of jail. However, it seems she will share that a lot hinges on whether or not Sabrina returns to Port Charles. Apparently, this leaves Carlos rather shaken, and most have a feeling that Sabrina will be found and taken back to town quite soon. As this case comes together, Ric will be popping up and getting involved, and fans can't wait to have him back in the mix for a bit.

According to We Love Soaps, there will be a heated exchange between Franco and Jason during Monday's show over something related to Jake. Spoilers tease that Franco decides to give Jake the puppy he bought for Nina, but Jason is not happy about how the situation plays out. A new actor will be appearing as Jake for the first time during the coming week, as James Nigbor has been replaced.

So far, Jason has not remembered all that much about his troubled past with Franco. However, General Hospital spoilers indicate that there will be new problems between the two and things are going to get ugly. Jason will be having a flashback to his past with Franco and soon Sam will be filling in some of the gaps.

Fans have a hunch that a new romance is about to blossom between Kiki, and Dillon and General Hospital spoilers indicate that the two grow a bit closer to one another during the next few episodes. It seems that there are more problems on the way for Franco and Nina while Maxie continues to try to figure out the truth about Nathan's relationship with Claudette, turning to Sam for assistance.

Carlos' trial will begin already, and General Hospital spoilers tease that a surprise witness will shake things up significantly. Will this be Sabrina or someone else? Alexis pulls some sort of stunt that leaves Sonny furious, and viewers will see some twists and turns as the trial moves forward.

Julian will do something that breaks Alexis' trust during Wednesday's show, and Andre will continue to lend his support to Anna. General Hospital spoilers note that Julian will soon make a significant confession, and this revelation will have Ava quite concerned. Paul delivers on a troubling promise as this all plays out, and someone will be keeping a close eye on Jason and Sam.

General Hospital spoilers also detail a bit of action for Kristina ahead as well. It seems that she will feel ready to take Sam's advice, but teasers also indicate that someone takes notice of her. Could a new romance be on the horizon for Kristina as she tries to sort through her conflicted feelings regarding Parker and her sexuality?

Hayden/Rachel will pop up again soon and General Hospital spoilers tease that Tracy will be trying to shoo her out of town. Of course, Hayden will not be that easily dismissed and this confrontation could be an interesting one. Monica is determined to keep Finn Port Charles and it seems that Carly will be voicing some concerns regarding the new doctor in town.

Will Alexis be successful in keeping Carlos out of jail? What kinds of difficulties are on the way for Sam and Jason? How will Sabrina's upcoming return shake up Port Charles? There is plenty of chaos set to play out during the coming week and General Hospital fans cannot wait to see what comes next.

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