Javi Marroquin Proves He's All Action And Little Talk When It Comes To Parenting

Javi Marroquin was devastated when he learned that Kailyn Lowry no longer wanted to be married to him. While he fought to keep the marriage together, Lowry decided to file divorce papers as she wanted out of what she called a toxic marriage. Despite his best efforts to win her back, Marroquin hasn't been able to convince Kailyn to take him back. Instead, these two have fought on social media about their divorce, about dating other people, and even about their children. However, it sounds like Marroquin is growing up, as he is showing more action these days than talking on social media. In fact, he recently deleted his Twitter account for two weeks while in Florida with his sons.

According to a new tweet, Javi Marroquin is now proving that his children come first, no matter what. When he learned that the Power Rangers would be in New York City this week, Javi did everything to see if he could take his son Lincoln to go see them. As he explains, the Pink Ranger is his son's favorite and he would love to see the ranger in person.

"The pink ranger from ninja steel is gonna be at comic con in nyc and those are linc's favorite rangers! I can't find her schedule. Help," the Teen Mom 2 star tweeted, adding later to his followers, "You guys are the real mvps but are they doing anything Saturday and Sunday?! I think it's too short notice to take a day off Friday."

It is pretty amazing that his fans will gather around him and help him plan surprises for his son, Lincoln. While it doesn't sound like it will happen this time, it does sound like they had a great time in Florida just last week.

What's even better for Javi is that he isn't using social media to lash out at his ex-wife anymore. He has been tweeting mature content and he doesn't seem interested in getting into a fight over random things for the world to see. Of course, it is interesting that Kailyn Lowry has been lashing out at one of her ex-partners on social media. She recently tweeted that it isn't enough to be present to be a father. It's uncertain what she meant by that, but it sounds like she wasn't talking about Javi.

What do you think about Javi Marroquin asking his fans for advice so he could surprise his son Lincoln with a trip to New York to see the Pink Ranger? Do you think he's showing more action than words these days?

[Featured Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images]