'Real Housewives' Lisa Vanderpump Mourns The Death Of Another Dog

The loss for Real Housewives Lisa Vanderpump continues as she posted on Instagram that another of her beloved dogs has died. Just this morning, Vanderpump announced that one of her Pomeranians, Pikachu, had passed following the untimely death two weeks ago of Pink Dog.

"Rest in peace my sweet Pikachu, we will miss you so much. Such sadness at your loss."
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules star Lisa Vanderpump is an animal lover who takes the care of her pets very seriously. Lisa Vanderpump and her husband, Ken Todd, not only keep dogs and cats on their property but they also have miniature horses and two swans named Hanky and Panky.

Lisa Vanderpump also fights against the Yulin Festival which promotes the sale of dog meat. By protesting the Yulin Festival on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules, Lisa Vanderpump is getting the word out that people are still eating dog around the world.

"I think they have felt the pressure from the West and certainly with the help of Bravo and Evolution Media in showcasing our marches and our gala, all the press they have helped us garner has been instrumental in this fight and in spreading the word all over the world."
Real Housewives Lisa Vanderpump has several Pomeranians, including Pikachu, who was 14 when he died, the famous Giggy, and Harrison. But Vanderpump's Pink Dog who died on September 26 suffered an untimely death, and Real Housewives Lisa Vanderpump and husband Ken Todd took it hard.
"Rest in peace Pink Dog. We are devastated to see you go so suddenly… you were such a happy pink dog and we will miss you dreadfully, we love you ????."
Vanderpump's dog, Pikachu was diagnosed with Addison's disease back in 2013 and had been hospitalized several times. Addison's disease prevents the adrenal gland from producing hormones and the steroid cortisol which lead to the break down of organs, and if not regulated properly, often leads to death. Addison's disease often shortens a pet or person's life.It is now being reported that Real Housewives Lisa Vanderpump's dog, Pink Dog, died at age six of a heart attack while Vanderpump was shooting for Bravo. Vanderpump's husband, Ken Todd was home and tried to give Pink Dog CPR but it was too late.
"Ken called Lisa at work and she could just hear him crying."
After Pink Dog was pronounced dead, Todd brought her to Lisa Vanderpump on the set of Real Housewives.
"Lisa was hysterical and cuddled her dog, not believing she was dead."


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Though Lisa Vanderpump has a menagerie of pets, Pink Dog was said to be very special to her.

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