‘RHOBH’ Lisa Vanderpump Enraged With Homophobic ‘RHOC’ Peggy Sulahian Over Slam On Gay Brother

Bravo, which has long been a network known for being friendly to people of all sexual orientations, has a dust-up between women across the Real Housewives borders. RHOC newbie Peggy Sulahian is being accused of homophobic behavior when it comes to dealing with her own brother, celebrity fashion designer Pol’ Atteu. Atteu happens to be good friends with several other housewives including RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump, who is not going to take this kind of discrimination lying down. Vanderpump is particularly disgusted that this behavior is going on within a family and playing out on Bravo.

RHOBH star Lisa Vanderpump is known for her charitable attitude and pet causes, including her tireless work for animal charities, for which she started Vanderpump Dogs. Additionally, Lisa Vanderpump treats Gay Pride events as national holidays, often serving as the Grand Marshal in parades and having special events at her Los Angeles-based restaurants. Just this May, Lisa Vanderpump, clad in head to toe rainbow feather boas, marched in the Long Beach Pride Parade. Joining her were several members of the Vanderpump Rules cast, which have also been very vocal about their support of the LGBT community. Lisa Vanderpump tweeted that her day was tiring but wonderful.

“Exhausting! But a wonderful day as Grand Marshall of Long Beach Pride, moving forward rights must be a priority.”

The story broke last week that RHOC Peggy Sulahian had banned her own brother Pol’ Atteu from attending their father’s funeral simply because Atteu is gay, despite Atteu’s close relationship with their father. Atteu was said to be “heartbroken” over the incident while his longtime partner Patrik Simpson is accusing Sulahian of being homophobic.

But just because Peggy Sulahian is now one of the Real Housewives doesn’t mean she’s getting a pass because RHOBH is calling Peggy’s behavior “disgusting.”

“I do not tolerate prejudice of any kind. And I have no interest in homophobia or in disgusting behavior like this. I do not condone or even acknowledge it.You know my opinion on this. Any attack on the gay community is something that I take very personally.”

But Sulahian seems unmoved, as she has not spoken to her brother in 20 years, reportedly due to his lifestyle choices. Patrik Simpson says that Sulahian made it clear that “Pol’s kind” was not welcome around her family.

But it’s not just Lisa Vanderpump who is calling out homophobic behavior because Vicki Gunvalson on RHOC is also a friend of Atteu and says she has no tolerance for homophobic behavior.

“Vicki feels betrayed a bit because she befriended Peggy. She not going to treat her the same after this. Vicki has zero tolerance for anti-gay actions, and she does not want Peggy on the cast if this is who she truly is.”

Bravo exec Andy Cohen is also onboard when it comes to calling out RHOC Peggy Sulahian, letting her know that homophobia and systemic hate have no place on his network. Andy Cohen was oddly unaware of the issues between Peggy and her brother until Vicki Gunvalson told him about it.

“After Vicki [Gunvalson] told Andy what was happening, he immediately asked Peggy to come on the show and explain herself. He wants to have a field day with this!”

But Sulahian has not responded to the invite to be on WWHL and is said to be RSVPing “no thank you.”


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Are you surprised that RHOC made it through the casting process and nobody knew about the alleged homophobia? Do you think Lisa Vanderpump will confront Peggy Sulahian?

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