‘Vanderpump Rules’ Kristen Wants Viewers To Stop Being Mean To Katie

Kristen Doute of Vanderpump Rules went on Twitter to tell fans that they are being mean to Katie Maloney, as much of this season revolves around the impending marriage of Katie and her fiance Tom Schwartz. Much of the social media chatter about Katie has been in response to her bridezilla behavior, which includes a decent amount of tequila, and leaving Tom at various places around town and driving off. But while Kristen wants fans to shape up, fans are responding saying that Katie is hardly a hothouse flower, and if she would be a bit nicer, there would be nothing to say.

The wedding of Katie and Tom on Vanderpump Rules is the second wedding to take place on the show, featuring cast members. Last year, Scheana and Mike Shay got married, and in the next few months, sadly, their divorce will be finalized, according to the Inquisitr. With both engagements, fans spoke out on social media to suggest that maybe they were not ready for marriage. With Scheana and Shay, fans were baffled at how Scheana responded to Shay’s substance abuse problems, naively trying to get him to straighten up herself rather than seeking professional help. Few people were surprised when Shay allegedly walked out on Scheana, never to return.

Now, Kristen Doute of Vanderpump Rules has essentially come out to say “guys, you are being mean to Katie, leaver her alone!” Doute says it’s hard to be Katie, but Reality Tea is suggesting that Katie Maloney has taken Tequila Katie to a new level of abusiveness this season.


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But perhaps Kristen can’t see it, as she reprimanded fans for being mean.

“I’m SO f–king over everyone hating on Katie. Have a heart and cut the shit. You actually have no clue what you’re talking about.”

Then, Stassi of the mean girl trio chimed in to agree with Kristen.

“What she said.”

Reality Tea then suggested that if Katie is hiding a sweet understanding person inside her “Tequila Katie-ness,” then she should let her out. Kristen told fans on Twitter that Katie and Tom are deeply in love, and that their wedding was the best she has ever attended. If that is the case, why do so many fans feel sorry for Tom Schwartz, and cringe when Katie speaks down to him again and again? When Tom Schwartz asked for a pre-nup, fans everywhere cheered, and again, took to social media.

pre-nup even if all he owns are a pair of sweats? you are lovely… and he is unsure of you.”

But Kristen tells Bravo she is sick of everyone hating on Katie, and it needs to stop. Now. Kristen says that fans have no idea what they are talking about, but is she watching the same show, Vanderpump Rules, that everyone else is watching? But Katie seems to at least appreciate the effort, and sent Kristen a Twitter message.

“Thank you sister. We’ve been through it all but so glad we found our way back to each other. #sisterhood.”

But Kristen being, well, Kristen, she took a moment to pat herself on the back too, for helping Katie with her wedding plans.

“So it was just great to see, even though there were definitely some stressful times throughout the whole summer, I think it could’ve been much worse had we not helped her along with that.”

Do you think that Kristen is right, and that Katie is an innocent victim, or have you had enough of “Tequila Katie?”

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