Chelsea Clinton Future Could Involve Bigger Role In Politics

Chelsea Clinton has a future that will be more involved in politics as the famous first daughter steps up into a bigger role as her mother steps back.

Hillary Clinton has planned to step aside from the Secretary of State position she held for the last four years, setting the stage for Chelsea Clinton’s future to include an increasingly public role, ANI reported. Chelsea has evolved into a confident, strong public figure of her own in recent years and is said to be ready to take a larger role in national debates.

Chelsea Clinton has strong backing, thanks in part to the connections of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, who backed Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primary campaign, called Chelsea a “person of considerable skill and competence” and a “powerhouse.”

“She has just, in my judgment, grown up into a person of considerable skill and competence,” Strickland told Politico. “I don’t know if she has a personal goal in elected politics or not, or exactly what her life goals may be, but she certainly has a lot of rich personal experience as a result of [her upbringing].”

Until recently, Chelsea Clinton had been more private. Her wedding drew big attention last year, but, other than that, her life was kept away from the public eye.

She took the initial steps into politics in New York in 2011, joining an effort to help pass the state’s gay marriage law. Chelsea Clinton was also credited with helping her father Bill Clinton change his mind on the issue, which Hillary Clinton was yet to weigh in on.

Chelsea Clinton’s future may not include candidacy for office but will likely include more similar political activity, Politico noted.