John Cena To Pursue A Career In Politics?

John Cena is seemingly in the last stages of his WWE career as a full-time in-ring performer and is passing the torch to Roman Reigns. For weeks leading up to their match at No Mercy, Cena used his harsh words against the Big Dog in order to ignite a fire in him. When Cena returned to SmackDown Live after a brief absence, he was then billed as a “free agent,” having the ability to compete for either brand. Cena decided to stay with the blue brand, commencing feuds with Rusev and Baron Corbin.

After his work was done on SmackDown Live, Cena was promoted to return to Raw following his match against Corbin at SummerSlam. When Cena returned, he was clear that his sights were set on going toe-to-toe with Reigns. The two faced off and commenced the verbal wars that would continue for weeks to come on Raw and Twitter.

Although this rivalry seemed as if it was best for WrestleMania, or at least another “Big Four” pay-per-view, it was expedited to No Mercy in order to draw significant interest from fans. The match exceeded expectations, and Cena heavily praised Reigns on Raw Talk following the match. It also, however, caused speculation to what the future of Cena holds.

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For the past year, Cena has been filling his schedule with endeavors outside of WWE. Namely, movie roles, hosting the American Grit series, hosting multiple award shows, and being a guest host on Good Morning America. Could politics be in his future? Cena was approached by TMZ and addressed whether this will become a new career path.

Cena and his fiancee, former WWE Women’s Champion Nikki Bella, were stopped following a night at Craig’s in Los Angeles after Nikki performed on Dancing with the Stars. Cena was asked about whether he is retired from WWE, which he responded that he will never move on from WWE because it is family. He was then asked about whether he would pursue a career in politics. Cena then adamantly pushed that idea aside, stating that there is “too much politics” to desire to endeavor in that career.

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