‘Whatever Happens In Vegas’ Political Cartoon: 2 Newspapers Post Drawing Of Dead Bodies In Las Vegas Shooting

There was a political cartoon published by the Bennington Banner that has caused controversy online. As seen in the below photo, the “Cartoonist’s Take” section of the publication published a drawing that read, “Whatever Happens in Vegas…” and went on to show a plethora of bodies on the ground. The Twitter account of the Bennington Banner located @banner_news describes the publication as one that covers news in Southern Vermont and nearby New York state.

As reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Bennington Banner wasn’t the only small newspaper to publish the controversial political cartoon. Not only did the Vermont publication publish the cartoon – which lists caglecartoonist.com at the bottom of the cartoon – but another publication in Iowa published the cartoon as well: the Telegraph Herald in Dubuque, Iowa.

As a result, both publications have issued apologies for seemingly mocking the victims of the deadly Las Vegas shooting that left at least 59 people dead. The popular saying reads, “Whatever happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas.” However, syndicated political cartoonist Randall Enos — the artist who drew the cartoon — had a different message that Enos was intending to send, as reported by the Bennington Banner on their Facebook page.

On the Facebook page of the Bennington Banner, a message to readers appeared. The message called Randall’s cartoon “not the right time or the right place.” The publication explained that while they regret publishing the cartoon, they interpreted the cartoon as a message about nothing changing in terms of gun control in the U.S. Therefore, instead of viewing the cartoon as a heartless and insensitive first-blush interpretation of dead bodies remaining in Vegas, the publication spoke to Randall likely attempting to say, as an artist, that whatever happened in Vegas would not have long-lasting impact on gun control.

Kevin Moran, the executive editor of New England Newspapers Inc., urged people to direct any inquires to Cagle Cartoons, who distributes Randall Enos’ work. Other cartoons that Enos drew can be viewed online, such as one image that appears to show a Trump-like character attempting to reach drowning people with a golf club, but failing.

[Featured Image by John Locher/AP Images]