Janet Jackson Sizzles On Instagram After Cardio-Free Fitness And Low Carb Diet For 70-Lb Weight Loss

Janet Jackson is stunning her fans in her highly anticipated return to the stage. It's been just months since Jackson welcomed her first son into the world, but Janet has been slaying in her appearances. The 51-year-old songstress lost 70 pounds after the birth of her baby by combining a strict diet with fitness devotion.

Janet Jackson Becomes Celebrity Weight Loss Winner

Celebrity mothers have faced increasing pressure to achieve their weight loss goals immediately. But while some star moms resign themselves to nibbling on celery sticks and endless hours of treadmill runs, Jackson took a different route to become a celebrity weight loss winner.

Janet's trainer Paulette Sybliss told People that the singer didn't do any cardio activity at all to transform her body into tour-worthy shape. Instead, after welcoming her son Eissa on January 3, Jackson emphasized "intensity" in her workouts, explained the trainer.

"I needed to get her not just looking fit, but to be able to move, to talk and to sing."
Singing, dancing, and moving on stage, Janet has been showing audiences that her cardio-free workout program succeeded. Sybliss also revealed exactly how long Jackson waited before jump-starting her post-baby fitness plan.

Celebrity Mom Janet Jackson Turns to Weight Training

Janet waited only eight weeks after her son was born before beginning her exercise program with Paulette. The fitness plan involved a minimum of four days each week, with every session ranging from 45 minutes to one hour. And even though many exercise fanatics think that cardio is the key to weight loss, Sybliss put the focus on weight training, not cardio, to help Jackson achieve her slim-down goals.

Janet has been sharing the sizzling result of her pre-tour weight loss plan on Instagram.

Paulette noted that some fans were surprised when they learned that Jackson had done weight training to achieve her goals.
"People are quite surprised, but we did no conventional cardio the entire time we worked out together. It was weight training."
As for precisely how weight training trumps cardio, Janet's trainer explained that exercising the muscles through weight training causes the body to "continue to burn calories." In contrast, a treadmill workout burns calories only during the actual workout.

"My goal was, every time she's not with me, I need her body to be working," added Paulette.

Janet Jackson's trainer is sharing exactly how the singer succeeded in restoring her pre-baby body.
Janet Jackson's trainer is sharing exactly how the singer succeeded in restoring her pre-baby body. [Image by Francois Nel/Getty Images]

Janet Jackson's Favorite Fitness Move

Sybliss named back exercises as Janet's favorite type of fitness move, while the leg sessions were the toughest. However, those dreaded leg sessions also were where Jackson was "doing the work and burning the calories," she added. The trainer now has one goal.
"Now my goal as a trainer is to keep her fit, to keep her healthy. She still has 40-plus shows."
Comparing Janet to an athlete, Paulette noted that she's strong but the potential still exists for an injury. Consequently, her goal is to keep Jackson "strong and healthy."

How To Train And Diet Like Janet Jackson

Essence magazine offered fitness tips from Sybliss for women who want to sizzle this summer. Janet's trainer recommends beginning with "really light" weight-training moves. Choose a body part to emphasize and begin.

If you want to sculpt your booty, for example, find the right position to do a squat, advised Paulette. After you've got the move right, then add weights. She also revealed it's never too soon to start.

"Train all year round. What you do in the winter is gonna show off in the summertime!"
Diet counts too, and a source close to Jackson told Us Weekly that Janet has been following a diet that focuses on clean eating, with "lean protein" helping her to achieve her 70-pound weight loss. Jackson's worldwide State of the World tour runs through December, and the combination of the diet and dance moves on her tour have helped Janet to feel as fabulous as she looks, added the insider.

"She looks great and feels even better!" said the source.

As the Inquisitr reported, Jackson used juicing and a super cleanse diet in addition to lean protein and vegetables to boost her weight loss. But it's a low carb diet that is helping Janet maintain her weight loss, according to Families.

Jackson avoids sugar, flour, and alcohol, substituting water for sodas and other sugary drinks. Her low carb weight loss diet consists of an estimated 1,100 to 1,400 calories per day, with protein and vegetables as her focus.

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