British Prime Minister Theresa May Handed P45 Pink Slip During Conference Speech

British Prime Minister Theresa May is currently in Manchester making a speech to her Conservative Party. Many people believe that her conference speech may be May’s final opportunity to hold on to her job as Conservative Party leader and British Prime Minister. Mrs. May has been under pressure since her disastrous election campaign on the tun up to June’s British general election. May called a snap election when her party was 25 points ahead in the opinion polls and ended up losing her parliamentary majority.

During her campaign, Theresa May was accused of being “robotic.” As previously reported by the Inquisitr, May’s response to the Grenfell Tower disaster, in which at least 80 people died, was fiercely criticized. As reported by Reuters, May has been under fire within her own party, and it is widely believed that Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is plotting a leadership challenge.

Since May’s electoral disaster in June, the world’s press has been asking one question – How long can Theresa May survive as Prime Minister? It is against this background that May’s speech at her party’s annual conference is seen as her last opportunity to unite her party and save her job. May’s speech was supposed to mark the rebirth of her political career.

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It seems that not everyone received the memo. In the middle of a speech, which is still ongoing, a protester approached the platform, and as reported by the Sun, handed Mrs. May a “P45 notice.

In the United Kingdom, a P45 is the reference code of a form titled “details of an employee leaving work.” The term is used in British slang as a metonym for termination of employment. The equivalent slang term in the United States is a pink slip. The clear implication is that Theresa May is on her way out, that she is not up to the job as British Prime Minister.

The protester, identified as Simon Brodkin, then approached Boris Johnson and seemingly encouraged him to mount a bid for leadership of the Conservative Party. If Johnson were successful Mrs. May would be ousted and he would become Prime Minister.

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