Melania Trump Eyed As ‘Contrived’ By Critics In A New Angle Of Attack?

Donald and Melania Trump tour hurricane-ravished Puerto Rico

By now most of the nation knows that President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump took a trip to Puerto Rico Tuesday to survey the hurricane-ravished cities and towns on that island. No matter where Melania goes, she is critiqued for her wardrobe, which is especially true when she’s off to visit the site of a natural disaster — a trip she’s made quite a few times during this year’s hurricane season.

According to the Sean Hannity website, the critics are at it again, but they have found a different angle this time around. It is not Melania Trump’s high heels they are mocking today during her trip to Puerto Rico — apparently, it’s her lack of high heels. The website writes,

“Left-wing activists and bloggers are –yet again- attacking First Lady Melania Trump over her footwear; shamelessly slamming the President’s wife for wearing work boots as she traveled to Puerto Rico to witness recovery efforts on the devastated island.”

The mocking of inappropriate footwear for Melania started back in August as she boarded Air Force One to Houston, Texas. Thinking that she was wearing stilettos to a hurricane-flooded Texas, the media had a field day. As soon as she stepped on board Air Force One, they started mocking the First Lady for dressing up to walk among the muck and ruins in Houston. Headlines cropped up like, “Who Wears Stilettos to a Hurricane? Melania Trump,” which was penned by Vanity Fair back at the end of August.

That was a short-lived mocking event because, by the time she landed in Texas, Melania had changed into comfortable apparel for walking around, including her shoes, which were sneakers. Apparently, no one thought she would do a quick change on board Air Force One, but she did. Her choice of footwear to these devastating events continued to make headlines in the wake of Hurricane Irma, as reported by AOL News.

Leaving the White House dressed as the first lady and then changing into more appropriate walking apparel before landing in the hurricane-damaged areas became the first lady’s M.O. for these events. She continued to do this while traveling to the areas devastated by Harvey, Irma, and now Maria, which left very little for the critics to tackle when it came to Melania’s mode of dress. She would look dressed up when boarding the plane, but she would emerge ready for a walkabout and dressed appropriately to do so. But that changed today, suggests Yahoo News, as the critics have found something new to chastise.

According to Yahoo News, some critics on social media perceived her boots as “contrived.” Instead of stiletto-shamming, Melania was slammed for wearing those Timberland work boots she donned when getting off the plane in Puerto Rico.

These boots were more than appropriate for walking through the areas that are in ruins, but critics found a different angle for tossing insults around about her boots. Comments such as “Melania Trump wearing Timberland boots as if she’s going to go work in Puerto Rico” appeared on Twitter. Comments suggesting that Melania wanted to give the impression “as if she’s going to work” is now a new criticism in lieu of the usual stiletto heels jabs online. Below are a few tweets about Melania Trump’s Timberland work boots that appeared online Tuesday.

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]