Barack & Michelle Obama Preparing To Plunk Down $10 Million For New Residence, Say Realtors

Barack and Michelle Obama $10 Million Move To NYC

Barack and Michelle Obama are preparing to plunk down $10 million for a new residence outside of Washington, D.C., say realtors. The former president and first lady have already spent $8.1 million on the nine-bedroom mansion located in the exclusive Kalarama neighborhood of Washington, and now they’re allegedly eyeing another prestigious pad.

According to Page Six, multiple sources claim that Barack and Michelle Obama are considering a duplex apartment in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The apartment is inside a pre-war building that was constructed in 1930. It’s described as a “white-gloved, full-service” establishment that comes loaded with everything the Obamas can comfortably afford. Consisting of 15 floors and 43 apartments, the one that the Obamas may purchase is a residence of 10 Gracie Square. It has an indoor basketball court, gym, underground drive-in garage, and tight security. Additionally, it features five bedrooms, four baths, a library complete with a wood-burning fireplace, and views over the East River.

Other famous individuals have taken up residence at the Manhattan apartment. They include Gloria Vanderbilt, conductor, André Kostelanetz, and New Yorker critic, Alexander Woollcott.

The duplex apartment hit the market for $10 million last week and is strongly believed by real estate insiders to be the one that Barack and Michelle Obama are going to buy. They were reportedly spotted at the apartment building for viewings.

The Obamas have been criticized even by Democrats for their lavish spending habits and accepting large sums of money for appearances since leaving the White House. The pair are being paid $60 million to write memoirs about their experiences in the White House and Barack Obama is receiving $400,000 for speeches. He’s agreed to speak on Wall Street this fall and get a hefty paycheck. Hillary Clinton was slammed repeatedly for receiving $250,000 to deliver speeches on Wall Street, so when it was revealed that the ex-president was willing to do the same thing for more money, it raised eyebrows.

In the meantime, the Obamas have been traveling extensively abroad on luxury vacations and making occasional appearances. Mrs. Obama has been active in moderated discussion forums, talking about life since living in the White House and how she feels about the current political climate.

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