‘Little People, Big World’s Tori Roloff Posts Cute Photo Of Baby Jackson Showing Off Dad’s Championship Award

Tori Roloff posted a cute photo of baby Jackson Kyle

Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff posted an adorable photo of baby Jackson Kyle on Sunday night, showing the completely disinterested little tot “showing off” his dad’s championship ribbons.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Tori and Zach headed off to Seattle over the weekend (about a three-hour drive or 50-minute flight from the family’s home in the Portland area). Dressed head-to-toe in their Seattle Seahawks garb, the family prepared for an exciting weekend of football.

On Sunday night, Tori revealed that dad Zach had also picked up a ribbon for taking first place in a bocce ball tournament over the weekend.

Bocce ball (or, as Tori misspelled it in her Instagram post, “boccia ball”) is something of a cross between bowling and shuffleboard, where alternation players (or teams of players) make underhanded throws to get their thrown balls as close to another thrown ball (the “pallino”) as possible.

As you may have guessed, bocce ball is a great sport for people who may not be able to compete in more demanding sports — people who may be aged or, like Zach Roloff, have disabilities.

And as it turned out, Zach cleaned up at the tournament over the weekend, taking first place. Tori appears to have hoped that Baby Jackson would show off his dad’s ribbons. But Jackson, being a baby, was not the least bit interested in Dad’s success, and was much more interested in snoozing.

Jackson was obviously super impressed that his father took first place in boccia ball this weekend. Maybe he would have woken up for a soccer medal… #mydadisawinnerinmyheart #babyjroloff

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If you watched the original incarnation of Little People, Big World between 2006 and 2012, you’ll remember that Zach Roloff wasn’t going to let his disability stand in the way of his love of sports, especially soccer. He even mentioned wanting to be a soccer coach as an adult.

Now an adult, Zach still doesn’t let his disability keep him from enjoying competitive sports. Back in August, Zach posted an Instagram story showing himself and a friend gearing up for an international World Dwarf Games soccer match.

As for whether or not Zach ever realized his dream to be a soccer coach: so far, it doesn’t seem like it. And that’s OK: he’s plenty busy being a reality TV star, and for now, doesn’t appear to need a day job.

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