Carolyn Pomeranz & Husband Drew Pomeranz Of The Boston Red Sox Talk New York, Restaurants, Fashion, And Travel

Baseball season is still in full swing, and the Boston Red Sox were contenders in the playoffs of Major League Baseball. Red Sox pitcher Drew Pomeranz — who carries the nickname “Big Smooth” — was called up to the majors in 2011. Pomeranz was an MLB All-Star in 2016, the year he was traded from the Padres to Boston.

Also in 2016, Drew Pomeranz married his long-time girlfriend, Carolyn Esserman. Now known as Carolyn Pomeranz, she is known to be on the road with her husband for almost every Red Sox game. When not on the road, Carolyn and Drew Pomeranz opt to spend their free time in New York City, where their townhouse is.

A lifestyle influencer, Carolyn Pomeranz runs the blog Carolyn Said I Drew. On a mission to inspire other people to maintain a “fashionable, healthy, fun and fabulous lifestyle,” no matter their locale, the site’s creator shows what it is like to be traveling alongside modern-day MLB greatness. Surprisingly, not all of the fun Pomeranz partakes in requires a lot of cash or connections.

On behalf of the Inquisitr, I had the pleasure of speaking with both Carolyn and Drew Pomeranz. Carolyn Pomeranz can also be followed on Twitter via @CarolynEsserman, on Instagram as @CarolynSaidIDrew, and on Pinterest under the handle @CarolynPomeranz. The left-handed pitcher is on Twitter as @DrewPomeranz.

Did you grow up a big baseball fan? Had you attended a lot of games before meeting Drew?

Carolyn Pomeranz: I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area going to Giants games with my family. As a competitive athlete in tennis and swimming, I was more focused on those sports than baseball at the time.

You are known to go to all of Drew’s games. Is travel one of your main hobbies?

Carolyn Pomeranz: Yes. I love to travel and explore different cities and countries throughout the world. My mom is from Nicaragua, and I grew up traveling to different countries each year. I believe that it is very important to develop a sense of cultural awareness and expand your perspectives through traveling. With respect to baseball, I travel constantly since I wouldn’t see my husband nearly as much if I didn’t. I also enjoy exploring new cities and new ballparks and reconnecting with friends all over the country.

You and some of the wives of other Red Sox players recently participated in a fashion show. How was that experience?

Carolyn Pomeranz: The experience was incredible! This year was my second time participating in the Red Sox Foundation’s annual Fenway To The Runway charity fashion show, which benefits scholarship and inner-city baseball and softball programs. Bloomingdales provided our outfits and Chanel make-up artists made us all look beautiful. It was really fun to walk down the runway for a charitable cause, in front of the community of Boston, and my husband and his teammates.

Drew, growing up in Tennessee, where there isn’t currently a MLB team, when did you get to go to your first MLB game?

Drew Pomeranz: Growing up in Memphis, the closest MLB teams are St. Louis and Atlanta, both about five hours away. I believe my first game was in St. Louis, watching the Cardinals play when I was pretty young.

Carolyn, when the Red Sox play the Yankees, the games can be very heated. Is that enjoyable to watch?

Carolyn Pomeranz: For me, it’s a little different because we have friends on most every baseball team. Needless to say, I always want the Red Sox to win!

I’ve read that you spend the off-season in New York. What are some of the things in Boston that you can’t get in New York?

Carolyn Pomeranz: Fenway! There’s a special feeling when you’re at a baseball game at Fenway that no other ballpark in the country can match. Few cities have the rich history of Boston, the small-town feel, and a community so passionate about their sports!

Any projects or upcoming events that you can talk about?

Carolyn Pomeranz: Playoffs are right around the corner for us, and there are many team activities that I am working on. I’m helping with outfits for the families of the players to wear. For example, players’ wives will be wearing custom denim jackets that feature each player’s last name on the back of the jacket. I’m also organizing a baby shower for a player’s wife and creating a “Drew Pomeranz” basket to auction off to Red Sox fans to raise money for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. The Red Sox are extremely philanthropic so I am constantly participating in different charity events throughout the week which I greatly enjoy. I am also working on writing articles for my blog,, on the incredible shows I attended during New York Fashion Week.

Drew Pomeranz: I do not currently have anything going on outside of baseball. At this point, I’m just enjoying the free time off. I would like to start a foundation one day.

What do you like to spend your free time doing when you’re not working?

Drew Pomeranz: Golfing and hunting. Unfortunately, I don’t get to hunt as much as I would like to, but we are fortunate to be able to travel to a lot of places and I enjoy playing golf courses there.

Carolyn Pomeranz: Watching Drew pitch, working out, shopping, spending time with my friends, family and Penny, my dog! I also love to attend any type of social event and participate in Red Sox charity events.

Do you have a favorite restaurant in New York?

Carolyn Pomeranz: There are so many great restaurants in New York. Some of my favorites include Vandal, Mercer Kitchen for lunch, The Mark, Dominique Ansel cookie shots in SoHo, Blue Ribbon Sushi, Sugarfish, and La Esquina.

Drew Pomeranz: I’m a big fan of sushi/Asian fusion spots. So we frequent Tao and Zuma when we are there, also really like Vandal. The Mark is a good go-to dinner spot as well.

Finally, any last words for the kids?

Drew Pomeranz: Dream big and never give up.

Carolyn Pomeranz: Go Red Sox!

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