Nebraska Football Commit Weighs In On National Anthem Debate

Incoming Nebraska football player Joshua Moore has never really been afraid to let everyone know how he feels regarding any subject he feels strongly about. The nice thing about the wide receiver recruit is that when he does make his opinion known, he tends to do it without getting in anyone's face.

Such was the case when Moore seemed to be letting the social media stratosphere know his feelings about the recent controversy involving how several NFL and college football players have been protesting during the National Anthem. While President Donald Trump has chosen to talk (and tweet) early and often about his feelings toward players who choose to kneel during the anthem, Moore has only tweeted.

The Nebraska football commit's single tweet about the protests shows that while he doesn't necessarily agree with kneeling, he's not calling out those who do. The tweet is a picture of Moore, along with the rest of his high school football team and his coach standing with their hands over their heart.

The caption reads, "The Home of the Free. Because of the Brave," and it features an American flag emoticon at the end of the sentence.

The message Moore is sending is quite clear, it's but understated and classy as well.

It's entirely possible that Moore handled his take on the national anthem protests the way he did because he knows not everyone on the Nebraska football program agrees with him. Last year, the Cornhuskers were briefly smack dab in the middle of the controversy surrounding players kneeling when linebacker Michael Rose Ivey took a knee.

One year later, Rose Ivey recently talked to the Omaha World-Herald and told the paper he felt like his decision might be costing him an NFL job. At the same time, the former Husker has said he doesn't regret making the statement he did and he would do it again.

When it comes to future Nebraska football players, Moore most recently sent out yet another tweet that seemed to once again confirm he has every intention of playing in Lincoln when his high school career is over. Moore used a picture he has used before: an illustration of him in a Husker jersey. Alongside the illustration is a tribute to his late brother, someone he's mentioned numerous times during the recruiting process.

[Featured Image by Nati Harnik/AP Images]