Trump Approval Rating Today Sinks After NFL Comments, And With Canadians

Donald Trump’s approval rating saw a slight uptick shortly after Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma rocked the southern coast of the United States weeks ago. But this week, Newsweek reports that Trump’s approval rating today has sunk to a new low — lower than even President Gerald Ford’s 41 percent approval rating, which sunk after he pardoned disgraced President Richard Nixon. The cause of the recent slump is attributed to the controversy surrounding Trump’s NFL comments this week, a controversy that sparked while Trump was enjoying some momentum in approval ratings bumps.

But the bump did not last long. Additionally, Trump’s approval ratings across the globe are worse even than they are in America — hurricanes or no hurricanes.

Specifically, Global News reports on a new poll out of Canada that shows that Donald Trump’s approval rating in the True North is a paltry 17 percent. Most Canadians overall strongly disapprove of and are disheartened with America’s new president.

Donald Trump’s approval rating today in Canada is identical to that of what Canadians feel about Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, Canada’s least popular politician. In her career as Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynne has unleashed the wrath of Canadians for her positions on policy that have gone against Ontario teachers and funding for programs for children with autism.

Kathleen Wynne has also incensed Canadians recently with her position on establishing a cannabis control board in light of new Canadian legislation that has de-criminalized recreational use of marijuana. Global News reports in a separate report that this year, Wynne’s approval rating saw a record low of 12 percent, but it has seen a recent uptick to 17 percent. Canadians have thus put Trump and Wynne on the same playing field as far as approval ratings are concerned.

Donald Trump Approval Rating After NFL Controversy
The Dallas Cowboys, led by owner Jerry Jones (center), take a knee prior to the national anthem prior to an NFL football game against the Arizona Cardinals, in Glendale, Arizona. [Image by Matt York/File/AP Images]

Trump’s policy agenda has gotten him into trouble with Americans as far as his approval rating is concerned. But this week, Newsweek reports that it is his comments following the NFL “Take a Knee” controversy that occurred during this week’s football games. Newsweek reports that Donald Trump’s approval rating today is 38.8 percent, based on an average of polls weighted by FiveThirtyEight.

That weighted average for Trump’s approval ratings in America comes from a 35 percent approval rating in a CBS News poll, 39 percent in Gallup, and 43 percent by Rasmussen Reports.

Trump’s approval rating saw the slump shortly after he tweeted to the American people, ordering and commanding them to respect the American flag and the American national anthem. He also tweeted that he believes the NFL should fire or suspend anyone that does not respect the flag or the national anthem.

The concept of “taking a knee” at football games during the national anthem has increased in incidence rate since Donald Trump took office. This past week, the Jacksonville Jaguars played against the Baltimore Ravens, and 27 players across both teams took a knee during the national anthem. Journalist David Corn of Mother Jones tweeted his reaction.

New York Magazine notes that the “taking a knee” action is also “about free speech itself.” But as the Guardian noted, “there did not appear to be any white players taking a knee.” But Trump, who was not part of the protest, denied the move was about race.

The slump in Trump’s approval rating today appears to be a result of this controversy, according to Newsweek. It’s not just slumping in America, and his approval rating has seen an all-time low in Canada.

Global News reports on a new poll by Forum Research, which found that 72 percent of respondents said they did not approve of Trump’s actions. That number is reportedly an increase from 65 percent Trump disapproval in March of this year. A September poll showed that only 17 percent of Canadians approve of Donald Trump.

Educated Canadians with post-graduate degrees, Canadians in the Maritimes, and Quebeckers were among the most likely Canadians to disapprove of Donald Trump. Trump’s disapproval among educated Canadians is 80 percent, 79 percent with Quebeckers, and 80 percent with Canadians on the Atlantic Coast.

Donald Trump And Justin Trudeau Talk
President Donald Trump talks with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
[Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]

Seventy percent of Canadians report that they feel Trump has had a negative effect on the relationship between the United States and Canada. Lorne Bozinoff, president of Forum Research who conducted the poll, said he does not expect Trump’s approval rating to change much during the course of his term.

“It seems as though negative media attention of his statements and policies has shifted Canadians’ opinions of Trump further into the negatives, and unless something drastic occurs, that’s unlikely to change much during his presidency.”

It’s a notion that was concurred with by political science professor at McMaster University, Henry Jacek. He says that once people “sour on a leader” it’s difficult for that politician to reverse public opinion.

“When people sour on a leader it’s very hard to bring them back. They could have the best policies in the world.”

People all over the world have certainly soured on Trump, given these approval ratings today. The Washington Post wanted to know specifically what Americans thought of Donald Trump and asked in their recent poll to come up with one word that describes their Trump impressions. The top responses were “strong,” “determined,” and “bold” at 9 percent.

But the four categories below those responses used words like “arrogant,” “idiotic,” and “incompetent.” Another high-ranking word used to describe Trump in that poll was “buffoon.” Some compliments such as “patriotism” and “outspoken” were given to Trump, but he was also called “failed,” a “liar,” “disappointing,” and “socialist.”

Overall, the Washington Post noted that 51 percent of Americans had negative descriptions of Trump, and 23 percent had positive compliments. Trump’s approval rating today in both America and neighbor nation Canada reflects that it’s not just policy people disapprove of when it comes to Trump. His overall impression across the continent is not good and has worsened since the recent NFL controversy.

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