'Grey's Anatomy' Spoilers: Amelia's Brain Tumor Has Been Affecting Her Choices A Long Time, How Will Owen Deal

Grey's Anatomy fans tuned in last night for the premiere of Season 14. The show is known for grabbing the attention of the viewer and not letting go. Shonda Rhimes, executive producer and screenwriter, did not disappoint. In the last few minutes of the two-hour premiere, it was revealed that Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) had a brain tumor.

Amelia has a history of bizarre choices on Grey's Anatomy that have landed her in trouble. At times, her self-destructive ways left a negative impact on her relationship with her brother, Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey). The very talented surgeon spends her days at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital removing tumors from the brains of others, and now, by chance, Amelia finds out that she has one herself.

Owen (Kevin McKidd) plays the on-screen husband of Amelia. He recently spoke to the Huffington Post about what is to come in the storyline. He shared that the tumor has actually been growing for a very long time. Many of the choices and decisions Amelia had made were directly impacted by the tumor, which has altered her personality. He finds himself married to someone that may not be who he thinks she is. If the tumor is successfully removed, her personality may be very different than that of the woman with whom he took vows.

Of course, Amelia's illness came at a time when Owen was ready to walk away. He had been rejected repeatedly by Amelia on Grey's Anatomy. When Teddy (Kim Raver) shows up for his sister's return from overseas, Owen began to open his eyes to the possibility that what his family sees might be true. They see Amelia as an uncaring wife that shows no interest in being married to him. Though Amelia tries to hide the information, her husband finds out eventually and comes to her side for support. Their relationship may be beyond repair at that point, but he is there for her as she faces her illness.

Do you think Amelia will survive the brain tumor on Grey's Anatomy? Who do you want to see Owen with; Amelia or Teddy? Or maybe Christine? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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