‘Project Runway’ 2017 Recap: Episode 7 — The Ultimate Faceoff

Project Runway 2017 tonight featured a team challenge as the twins found themselves working together on Project Runway Season 16. The designers used men’s fabrics as inspiration in creating their looks tonight, but who went home? Find out the details in our Project Runway 2017 recap below.

Last week on Project Runway Season 16, the models were calling the shots, as they were not only modeling the clothes, but they were the clients as well. Some designers struggled to meet the client’s needs, but viewers also saw the twins work on each other’s looks to tick the other designers off. In the end, it was Samantha and Margarita in the bottom two and Samantha was sent home, although some fans thought she was robbed.

The Challenge

The designers met Tim Gunn at JCPenney. For this challenge, they will create a fashionable fall look inspired by men’s clothing. Each designer was given fabrics that each of the male models were wearing. This was also a team challenge, as they worked in pairs and had to create two looks that were cohesive. The winning look will be sold on JCPenney’s website after the show. The teams were:

  • Brandon and Kentaro
  • Michael and Ayana
  • Margarita and Batani
  • Amy and Kenya
  • Shawn and Claire

A Breakdown For The Twins

The teams sat down and sketched their ideas out. Then it was off to Mood to get some supplemental fabrics and needs. Back in the workroom, the designers got started and Claire seemed to be over Shawn. It seemed to be some anger over last week’s challenge, as Claire helped out Shawn so much and Shawn ended up in the top and Claire in the bottom, as her own look suffered. Now they are working together again and Claire wants to do her thing, but Shawn is being needy again.

Tim’s Critiques

Tim Gunn arrived for his critiques on the latest designs on Project Runway 2017. Tim told Batani she is going in the right direction. He thought Margarita was taking on too much. For Kenya and Amy, he was worried about the separates and a bow looking matronly. He had a positive response to Michael’s look and was very interested in Ayana’s shirt, but said it looked like a hospital gown. For Brandon and Kentaro, Tim said this is the dream team. He was not overly impressed with their designs, but the guys did not respond well. For the twins, Tim was not impressed by their looks and textiles.

Make It Work

Tim suggested a tunic for the twins, but they were not feeling it and decided to come up with a new look on their own. The models came in for their fittings, so the twins had nothing ready for their one model. Now Shawn wanted to create a look, which was based solely on a look Kentaro made earlier this season. Margarita was freaking out over timing. The twins had some words, as Claire was annoyed with Shawn and told her to stop. Amy and Kenya were having issues, as the night came to an end on Project Runway 2017.

Tensions Are High

It was runway day and the designers had to finish up their looks. Kenya seemed to be overly annoyed with Amy, but they got their looks completed and they seemed to be happy with it. Time ran out and Tim Gunn sent them all to the runway for the show.

Judges’ Critiques

After watching the runway show, it was time for the judges to give their feedback. The judges tonight were Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia, and guest judge Asia Kate Dillon. Below is their feedback for the top and bottom looks tonight on Project Runway 2017.

  • Brandon and Kentaro – Heidi said she is in love with these looks. Nina said she loved how effortless these looks were. Zac said they did an incredible collection.
  • Batani and Margarita – Heidi said she loves both looks too. Zac said he is in love with Margarita’s dress, describing it as very now. Nina said she loves the two looks together. Asia said these looks achieved the power of a man’s look.
  • Shawn and Claire – Zac said he does not feel the cohesion and finds the one dress to be trashy. Asia said a lot of it feels like an afterthought and she is confused. Zac said at this moment, he does not believe they have a brand.
  • Amy and Kenya – Heidi said that Kenya’s look is too boring and there’s nothing new or special about it. Asia said they feel like flight attendant rejects from the 1970s. Zac said he is really disappointed. Nina said they look old.


After taking a closer look at the designs for tonight on Project Runway Season 16, the designers were back on the runway. The winning team tonight was Margarita and Batani. On that note, the winning designer from that team was Margarita and her look is available on JCPenney’s website now. The losing team was Claire and Shawn, but who went home? We don’t know yet, as the judges want to see what they can do as individuals. So, they put them to the ultimate faceoff. They have one hour to create a look and cannot help each other out. This faceoff will take place next week.

Who do you think will win the faceoff between the twins on Project Runway 2017 next week?

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