Stephanie Hollman's Son: 'RHOD' Star Opens Up About Dyslexia, Viewer Slams Her Behavior

Stephanie Hollman has revealed that she feels heartbroken about the way her friendship with Brandi Redmond had suffered after a fight caused by something she wrote on her Real Housewives of Dallas blog last year. Brandi was heartbroken and upset that her friend wasn't there for her as her marriage hit a rocky patch, but Stephanie didn't catch on that something was wrong.

On this season of The Real Housewives of Dallas, Stephanie admitted that she had been focused on all the wrong things last year. She then added that her son had dyslexia, and she hadn't taken the time to help him out.

Sadly, this admission caused quite the stir on Twitter for all the wrong reasons. Hollman made it sound like she spent more time on her friendship with Brandi than her own son. She admits that she didn't transfer her son to a better school for a while, and she pushed him to learn even though he had difficulties. According to a new tweet, Stephanie Hollman is now defending herself from people who have some harsh things to say to her based on her comments on the show.

"Too sad that ur son is struggling w dyslexia but ur ugly heart is probably the reason why its backfired on u!" the follower wrote to Stephanie, who was clearly shocked that someone would write such a thing to her about her son.

One can imagine it is absolutely heartbreaking for her to realize that her son is struggling with a learning disability and she has called him lazy when he tried to name letters. On The Real Housewives of Dallas, Stephanie Hollman sat down with her son and tried to teach him the alphabet, and he admitted that he didn't know some of the letters. Now that he's getting the help possible to learn everything, she is trying to move on. Brandi Redmond came to her defense on Twitter this week, revealing that the harsh comments were out of line and that Hollman should ignore them.What do you think about people attacking Stephanie Hollman for her admission that her son struggles with a learning disability? Do you think people aren't being so understanding, as she admits that her friendship with Brandi Redmond took over last year, possibly putting her family second?

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