'Celebrity Big Brother' Casting: Could Jimmy Fallon Be Joining The Houseguests This January?

Celebrity Big Brother will premiere the freshman season in January, and fans are excited. Julie Chen has dropped a few names already, but now, two more names are being tossed around.

According to Christian Post, Jenna Fischer from The Office is a huge Big Brother fan. There were rumblings on Twitter that she might be joining the cast of Celebrity Big Brother. The star quickly cleared this rumor up, however. Jenna made it clear that she would not be entering the Big Brother house for the upcoming celebrity edition.

Julie did say that she would love to see Jimmy Fallon join the Celebrity Big Brother house. She says he is a huge fan of the Big Brother franchise. Julie feels confident that if Jimmy Fallon does sign on, they would be able to recruit Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, and James Corden. While this is still just speculation, the four now know they are on Julie's radar as potential houseguests as they are actively recruiting.

Celebrity Big Brother has been airing in the UK for several years. The popularity is such that stars from the US have traveled to the UK to be houseguests. Julie Chen has told fans before that they have wanted to add a celebrity edition to the US schedule since 2001, but it just never worked out.

There hasn't been a lot of details released about the upcoming show. The UK version is a condensed season, rather than 90 days, and it is action packed to get it all in. Fans in the US are anticipating a shortened season as well. The commitment of 90 days is hard for an average person, much less a celebrity.

There have been several celebrities mentioned as possible houseguests for Celebrity Big Brother. Only six have been confirmed. Over the next couple of months, fans will learn more about what to expect in the game format and who will be moving into the Big Brother house for the challenges of a lifetime.

Do you think fans have a shot at seeing Jimmy Fallon enter the Celebrity Big Brother game? Who else would you like to see competing in the pressure-filled game? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Monty Brinton/CBS]