‘Will & Grace’ Reboot Will Erase The Finale Storyline, Debra Messing Explains Why

The reboot of Will & Grace has finally arrived. The sitcom has been off the air for 11 years, and the premiere will pick up right before the events in the series finale. With producers completely erasing the finale, Will & Grace star Debra Messing explained some of the reasoning behind the decision to rewrite the final chapter.

According to Closer Weekly, Messing opened up about the reboot during an appearance at the Tribeca TV Festival. The actress admitted that she was surprised by the decision to ditch the finale but thought it made perfect sense. After all, the show’s success hinges on the lives of the four main characters, all of whom have pretty much returned to their normal lives in the reboot.

The 2006 finale feature various time jumps and revealed that Will (Eric McCormack) had a falling out with Grace (Messing) for over 20 years. The old friends eventually met back up while taking their kids to college, and producers didn’t want to explore their lives as parents in the reboot. Instead, they threw out the parenting angle and decided to make Will and Grace single again.

When Will & Grace picks up, fans will be re-introduced to Will, Grace, Jack (Sean Hayes), and Karen (Megan Mullally) as if nothing has changed, including their living arrangements. Although the series is returning to its roots, creator Max Mutchnick revealed that they will explain the changes in the opening episode and won’t leave any questions unanswered.

Meanwhile, although most of the characters will be back in action, there are a few who will not be returning for the reboot. This sadly includes Debbie Reynolds, who played Grace’s mother in the original series. Reynolds passed away early this year, and Page Six reports that the premiere will feature a tribute to Reynolds and her co-star, Sydney Pollack, who played Will’s father.

Shortly after Reynolds died, Messing share a heartfelt post on social media in honor of her long-time TV mom.

“My heart is literally broken. For 8 years she was my mom. She was pure energy & light when she came on stage. She was loving, and bawdy, and playful — a consummate pro — old school and yet had the work ethic and investment in her craft of a new fiery up and comer.”

The new season of Will & Grace, which is comprised of 16 episodes, is set to premiere September 28 on NBC.

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