‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Elizabeth Gets One Q Twin, Sam Gets The Other – Franco Shut Out?

General Hospital spoilers hint that with two Jasons around, it seems likely that one of them may be destined to be with Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst). Although one is Jason and the other is Drew, both Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Liz have been involved with both. Will Liz be able to resist the pull when she finds out there are enough Jasons to satisfy both her and Sam? Is Franco (Roger Howarth) about to find himself without a girlfriend because his childhood buddy steals his girl away?

Patient 6 comes to Port Charles

GH spoilers from this week’s soap magazines via SheKnows Soaps say that Patient 6 (Steve Burton) is about to escape the clinic, and he’s heading to Port Charles. Jason-6 must get some help in Russia to get home, but once he gets there, all heck will break loose. Everyone that knew Jason – which is most of the town – will be stunned to see his old face return. Among those most affected will be Franco and Liz, and this reveal of twin Qs could rip their new love apart.

The past between Liz and Jason – and Franco and Jason – is very messy and involves lies and hurt. Liz told Jason lies about Sam (Kelly Monaco) and baby Danny’s paternity even though she made it right eventually. Also, Franco tormented Jason and Sam with the fake rape scenario that created the confusion around Danny’s paternity. Plus, when Jake Doe came to town, Liz fell for him, and then later, when Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) revealed to her he was Jason, Liz kept that secret to keep “Jake” with her. All this bubbles up when Jason-6 comes to town.

Sam can’t keep both Jasons

Although it will come out soon that Sam has a child with each Q twin, she can’t be married to both and can’t keep both in her life. As it stands, Sam is firmly committed to Miller’s character, although it’s almost certain he is Drew Quartermaine, not Jason. Drew is Scout’s dad while the returning Jason-6 is the father of both Danny and Jake Webber (Hudson West). The kids will be really thrown for a loop when they discover the guy they know as dad – Billy Miller – isn’t their father at all.

General Hospital spoilers tell us that Sam can’t have both Drew and Jason in her life, so one will be a spare. The thing is, both Sam and Liz fell for Jason and Drew, in the past before Jason was “killed” in 2012 and when he returned in 2014. But as it is now, Sam is married and committed to Drew (Miller) and will not walk away from him after all they’ve been through over the past few years. Jason-6 will be a stranger to her, and Sam will stick with her current husband. So what about the real Jason?

Will Franco step aside for Liz?

There’s someone else with strong feelings for Jason and Drew – and that’s Franco. He feels sickened by the atrocities he committed while he had the brain tumor, but Franco can’t change the past. The reveal that Franco and Drew were raised together for years is also key to explaining why Franco was obsessed with Jason for years. Franco wants to try and make things right, and Liz might be the key to doing so. Jason-6 will be all alone and heartbroken that his twin took his place in Port Charles.

General Hospital spoilers tease Franco may offer to step aside and let Jason-6 have Liz to try and make up for some of his awful crimes. Liz loves Franco, but the idea of having Jason back in her life will be tempting. Will Liz and Jason accept Franco’s sacrifice and reunite? Or is Liz wise enough to say no and stick with the troubled artist? If Liz reunites with Jason-6, there’s the chance that Sam might always be in the back of his mind and Liz would be the consolation prize. Can Liz live like that?

Will Jason-6 step aside for Drew?

General Hospital spoilers hint Jason-6 could fight his twin, Drew, for Sam’s love, but that seems like a long shot. Jason-6 knows the pain caused by his choice to work with Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) cartel and the disconnect with his marriage to Sam before he was shot by Faison (Anders Hove) and taken away from Port Charles. Jason-6 will also see the love between Drew and Sam and the life they’ve built together with the kids and little Scout.

Jason-6 may sacrifice his happiness to ensure Sam’s happiness rather than fight to try and win her from his twin. This plot is complex and messy with many moving parts. Others in Port Charles, such as Sonny and Carly (Laura Wright) can make room in their lives for both Jason-6 and Drew, but Sam can only have one man in her bed – and can only wear one man’s ring. Liz must also decide if she wants to try and pick up the spare Jason-6 or stick with the tormented man that loves her.

If it’s done well, the return of Jason-6 could be a heartwrenching love and loss story – or it could bomb. Let’s hope it’s the latter. Catch up now on the latest GH scoop on the rumored Nikolas recast, the evidence that proves Patient 6 is Jason Morgan, Valentin’s role in the Patient 6 mystery, and why Morgan won’t be recast. Check back often for more General Hospital spoilers.

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