‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nikolas Recast Leads To Valentin-Lulu Romance – Dante Exposed As Oscar’s Dad

General Hospital spoilers tease some big changes are in the wind if the casting rumors are true. Some recent GH casting calls describe what sounds just like Nikolas Cassadine – and there has been talk swirling for quite some time that with Tyler Christopher gone to Days of Our Lives, the role would return with a new actor. With Nikolas back, Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) will be redeemed since the primary grudge against him in Port Charles is his “murder” of Nikolas. That opens tons of new storyline possibilities.

Lulu and Valentin bonded recently

GH spoilers also show that the ABC soap is getting Lulu (Emme Rylan) to warm up to Valentin by using the recent scoliosis plot. Until recently, the only one that knew about Valentin’s profound physical deformity and terrible childhood was Nina (Michelle Stafford), but now that’s changed. Valentin opened up to Lulu, and she’s beginning to see more than the cold killer of her brother. Lulu now sees Valentin as someone who has beaten the odds to get the life he wants.

More than that, Lulu sees Valentin being an excellent father to their daughter and that goes a long way. But Valentin exposing his squishy underbelly to his baby mama isn’t enough to spark a romance. However, two circumstances are brewing in the writers’ room at General Hospital that could lead to Valentin, Lulu, and Charlotte winding up together as a family unit. But what about Nina and Dante (Dominic Zamprogna)? They have a role in all this as well.

Oscar’s paternity is key

Since Oscar (Garren Stitt) came on the scene, everyone wants to know who’s his daddy. Sonny (Maurice Benard) doesn’t need another kid but what about Dante? Since Lulu has another child by a man that’s not her husband, Dante gaining a kid that’s not Lulu’s would balance things out. We still haven’t met Oscar’s mom, but we’ve heard about her – and new General Hospital spoilers tease she’s from Dante’s pre-Port Chuck past and Soaps She Knows says there’s more to Oscar than meets the eye.

If the rumors are true and Oscar is Dante’s son, that complicates things and will hurt Lulu’s feelings. There’s no reason that Lulu should be hurt, but she’s emotional and tends to run off when times get tough. The revelation of Dante having a kid with another woman will churn up Lulu’s hurt feelings from when Dante cheated with cousin Valerie (Brytni Sarpy), and she’ll need someone to comfort her. Lulu could talk to Maxie (Kirsten Storms) but instead will wind up chatting up Valentin, according to spoilers.

Nikolas returns, Valentin’s not so bad

Despite Helena’s (Constance Towers) dire pronouncement that Valentin was the worst of the Cassadines, so far, he doesn’t seem so dastardly. Helena might have been lying – which she was known to do. Other General Hospital spoilers point to Nikolas faking his death again, with Valentin’s assistance, and running off to do bad things. Nikolas had turned pretty dark before his two “deaths” last year, and now there’s the jewel heist mystery. That diamond Anna (Finola Hughes) found is key.

Anna and unwilling Finn (Michael Easton) are chasing the jewel thieves thinking it will lead to Valentin. It won’t. Instead, new General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central also promise the jewel plot leads to a shocking conclusion, and it will be to new Nikolas who’s had plastic surgery and is a criminal now. Remember Spencer (Nicolas Bechtel) found the diamond before Valentin ever came to town. That means it was Nikolas’ diamond, not Valentin’s – and it links the prince to the jewel thieves.

Nikolas back, Lulu distraught, Valentin comforts

General Hospital spoilers promise with Nikolas back, Lulu has no real grudge against Valentin. So, when she turns to him for comfort over Dante’s love child, things could spark. But Valentin is married to Nina – what about that? There’s a shake-up coming with the tale of two Jasons. With two Jasons, it’s possible that one could wind up with Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) shutting Franco (Roger Howarth) out of her life. Franco might go back to Nina who turns to him when she’s jealous of Valentin and Lulu.

The converging plots of Nikolas’ recast, the jewel thieves, and the tale of twin Jasons open up opportunities for major couple swaps, anger, jealousy, and intrigue. One of these possibilities is Lulu and Valentin moving from biological parents to lovers. It’s also long overdue for Dante to get a plot of his own – and a mystery woman in town with his son is the perfect opportunity for the talented but underused Dominic Zamprogna to show off his acting chops.

What do you think? Would you love to see Lulu and Valentin get closer when their marriages fall apart? Are you excited at the prospect of the Nikolas recast? Catch up on the latest GH scoop on seven reasons that Patient 6 is the real Jason, Bryan Craig says no Morgan recast coming, and Valentin’s ties to Burton’s return. Check back often for more General Hospital spoilers.

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