‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Bryan Craig Interview – No Morgan Recast – And His Thoughts on Burton’s Return

General Hospital spoilers from a brand new exclusive interview with Bryan Craig reveal what he thinks about the fate of Morgan Corinthos and whether there should be a recast. Bryan sat down with the Inquisitr recently to talk about his hot new CW show Valor, his two movies coming out soon, and life after GH. This is part one of a series that breaks down my lengthy chat with Bryan about his career, plans for the future, those two Emmys, and his love life!

Morgan recast seems unlikely

GH fans saw Bryan Craig’s character Morgan Corinthos blown to bits in October, 2016, in one of those rare moments where soap fans are caught totally off guard. Since Morgan’s death, there has been rampant speculation that he would return, but insight from the actor sure sounds like that’s not coming anytime soon. Here’s what Bryan had to say about his former role.

Belynda Gates-Turner: “Your move to prime time is permanent obviously.”

Bryan Craig: “They have been so good to me. If GH ever asked me to come back and it fits in my schedule, I will always do it. Like they took a chance on me, you know what I mean?”

Belynda Gates-Turner: “Would it hurt your feelings if they recast Morgan?”

Bryan Craig: “No, they’ve got to do what they’ve got to do. I’ve been told that they won’t and non-biasedly [sic], I think it would be best if they don’t because the end was so great and if they’re going to bring someone back, I just hope that they can give it justice. That sounds cocky, but give it justice like I did.”

Executive Producer Valentini not open to a recast?

Bryan Craig: “I know Maurice doesn’t want them to recast. Frank [Valentini] doesn’t. We had something magical me and Maurice.”

Belynda Gates-Turner: “Honestly, I think that was the only time a soap opera has made my jaw drop out of nowhere. That was just like, ‘Holy s**t they just blew Morgan up.'”

Bryan Craig: “And the bipolar thing too was just such a big thing. Like, Maurice, that was his baby. You know he’s bipolar.”

Belynda Gates-Turner: “Right, so you have to do it justice.”

Bryan Craig: “He’s bipolar, and he’s my good friend, and I really wanted to do it justice. We really worked that stuff, and I feel like it’s going to be really hard for any actor to come in and have the relationship I had with Maurice cause we’re like this [gestures closeness] and we’re still like that off set. Like we could not be closer, and because I knew that was so close to him, I took that really, really seriously and I think that’s why the storyline did so well.”

Leave Morgan dead? Yes, please

Belynda Gates-Turner: “I, for one, am an advocate of leaving him dead. They had a kid die on GH, Jake, years ago and it was heart-wrenching, and they don’t usually kill kids off, and then they resurrected him.”

Bryan Craig: “It’s like, don’t do that. The [Morgan] storyline was so believable at this point so don’t do something like typical soap, like, we gave him plastic surgery and now he came back as another guy.”

Belynda Gates-Turner: “That kid [Jake] donated a kidney after he was hit by a car.”

Bryan Craig: “That’s what I’m saying. Don’t taint it. Just don’t think they should taint it.”

Belynda Gates-Turner: “When there’s not a body, there’s always a chance…”

Bryan Craig: “It rained down, and that gave everyone else such great storylines too, and it’s like, just leave it.”

Belynda Gates-Turner: “I don’t think a week goes by where there’s not a mention of Morgan.”

Bryan Craig: “Oh my gosh, you have no idea. My social media gets blown up. I can’t post a picture of me holding a Coca-Cola without it being like ‘bring Morgan back,’ ‘are you coming back,’ ‘what’s going on?'”

Belynda Gates-Turner: “They want you back. But it closed out well, and you just have to let it go.”

Bryan Craig: “Just leave it.”

As Bryan said, he’s open to a GH return if it fits into his schedule. However, given that Bryan’s post-GH career is booming, it would likely be difficult unless it was an occasional appearance, as Jonathan Jackson (Lucky Spencer) and Nathan Parsons (Ethan Lovett) do now and then. Be sure to check out the next in our Bryan Craig interview series where we talk about his hot new military drama, Valor, debuting on The CW next month, and his exciting movie roles.

Catch up on GH scoop including about Jason waking from his coma, new cast and writer shakeup, how Patient 6 turned psycho, and the danger Ava faces in Russia. Check back often for more of our chat with Bryan Craig and more General Hospital spoilers and news.

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