‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Wakes From Coma As Jake Doe – Sam Devastated

General Hospital spoilers tease that a big mess is coming. Steve Burton was revealed as Patient 6 over in Russia and is either Jason Morgan or his twin, but he’s not in his right mind. What will soon complicate matters is the other Jason, (Billy Miller), will wake from his coma with a drastically changed mental state. To make things easier, Jason1 is Burton and Jason2 is Miller for this conversation on a complex plot.

Quartermaine twins – Franco’s a cousin

The tabloid rumors are confusing on who is related to whom in this Tale of Two Jasons. Franco (Roger Howarth) is a cousin to the Quartermaine twin Jasons. His biological mother, Heather Webber, is a cousin to Jason’s biological mother, Susan Moore. A few years ago, Heather insisted there were twins born to Susan, and one was sold. She lied and said Franco was one of those twins. The truth about the lie is why Heather (Robin Mattson) is avoiding talking to Franco.

General Hospital spoilers promise that’s also why Betsy Frank (Deborah Strang) ran off without giving Franco any answers. Scott (Kin Shriner) also seems to know something about this sordid story, and that’s why he keeps talking Franco down and telling his son to tear up the childhood photo of him with one of the Jasons. Another person that knows the truth, according to GH history, is Edward Quartermaine, who made a provision in his will for the missing twin – Heather knows about this, too.

Two Jasons – did their paths cross?

General Hospital spoilers from TV Line ask which of the actors, Miller or Burton, will be the “real” Jason. Also, what does “real” Jason even mean? One of the twins was in Betsy’s home with Franco when the boys were little. Another was at the Q mansion after the twins’ bio-mom, Susan was murdered. There was one Jason living with the Qs and then that one suffered brain damage after AJ (Sean Kanan) drove crashed the car while they were arguing.

Then there’s Jason1 that turned Stone Cold, went to work for Sonny (Maurice Benard), romanced Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Liz (Rebecca Herbst) and fathered Danny (TK Weaver) and Jake (Hudson West). Stone Cold was shot, kicked into Port Charles – and from there the mystery begins. Presumably, Jason1 was frozen by Helena (Constance Towers). Meanwhile, we saw recently on GH that Jason2 was on Cassadine Island being used as Helena’s assassin.

Jason swap and lost memories

GH spoilers ask us to consider why Jason2 has memories that we assume are from Jason1’s life. But let’s also remember that Faison (Anders Hove), the man that turned Jason2 into a killing machine bought by Helena, was subjected to mind-altering experiments. Were the Jasons swapped at some point? Since both would have the same face for years, up until Jason2’s facial surgery, they might have been swapped. This is a very complex and potentially confusing plot.

Both Burton and Miller are playing Quartermaine twins, but we won’t know which is which for a long time. Frank Valentini told TV Line that this plot would unfold “for probably about nine months.” That’s a long time with two Jasons. Also, remember that Jason1 is heavily medicated at the Russian clinic and his brain is addled. New GH spoilers hint that when Jason2 comes out of his coma, his brain will be troubled too and he’ll be back to his amnesiac Jake Doe state.

Both Jasons need help

GH spoilers say Franco will be on a journey to understand his obsession with Jason that might help sort out some of the two Jason histories. Daytime Confidential reports that Tamara Braun will soon return to General Hospital as part of the twin Jason storyline. With one Jason waking from his coma with amnesia, just like when he was Jake Doe, and another brain damaged from experiments and constant sedation, they will both need help. Sam will be devastated when Jason wakes from his coma with his mind lost again.

GH is already laying the groundwork for Jason2 to wake back in his Jake Doe amnesia state. Carly (Laura Wright) told Sonny she never felt a connection with Jason2 – even though that’s not true, as fans know from watching the last two years of her with Jason2. The soap seems to be positioning Jason2 as the twin while Burton will be the “real” Jason. This will upset Miller’s fans, but recent General Hospital dialog shows it’s going that way already.

Confusion for nine long months

This situation will be confusing for the two Jasons, Sam, Liz, Franco, Sonny, Carly, and others. There are also three kids in the mix, two from Jason1 and the third from Jason2. It will be even more dramatic when both are in Port Chuck, and Jason1 and Jason2 finally lay eyes on each other. It will take everyone in town to sort out this mess and find a place in their lives for both Miller and Burton’s version of Jason. Catch up now on the latest GH casting news and writer change, the mystery of Anna and Alex, and the rumored recast of Nikolas for Fall sweeps. Check back soon for more General Hospital spoilers and news.

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