‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Anna Bad Behavior Explained – Alex Back And Stalking Valentin?

General Hospital spoilers have fans wondering why Anna (Finola Hughes) is being so low down and dirty lately that she’s blackmailing a man that just had a baby die and his fiance run away. Finn (Michael Easton) doesn’t need Anna’s awful behavior right now, but she just won’t stop. This sure seems out of character for Anna, so it might be a sign that her evil twin Alex is back in Port Charles. Is Finola Hughes doing double duty once again playing both Anna and Alex? Is Anna locked away again or did she agree to let her sister take her place because her health is too frail to nail Valentin? Here are the signs.

Anna isn’t cruel by nature

Yes, GH history shows us that Anna can be temperamental – like when she shot Carlos (Jeffrey Vincent Parise). But considering that Carlos murdered the love of her life, Duke (Ian Buchanan), her shooting him in cold blood is understandable. Good thing he was faking it. But otherwise, Anna isn’t a cruel person. She generally takes people’s feelings into account, and right now, she’s acting pretty callous towards both Finn and Griffin (Matt Cohen) even though she says they are her friends.

We see that Griffin is desperately worried about Ava (Maura West), so much so that he can’t focus on work at General Hospital. Anna wasn’t interested in helping him, which seems more like Alex. Anna sees Griffin as a sort-of son, while Alex doesn’t care a thing about him. It wasn’t until Griffin mentioned that the clinic Ava went to had a tie to Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) that she took an interest. If not for the tie to Valentin, Griffin would have gotten no help.

Alex obsessed with Valentin

Anna was bothered that Valentin got away with stealing the Chimera, but remember, she made a deal with him that if he stayed out of trouble in Port Charles, she would not come after him. Valentin has kept up his end of the deal, so why is Anna digging into his criminal past all of a sudden? The answer could be because it’s Alex who is upset that Valentin turned her down. She’s obsessed with the bad boy and either wants to win him back – or punish him for rejecting her.

GH Fall spoilers from Soaps She Knows promise that Anna’s digging will throw a wrench into Valentin and Nina’s (Michelle Stafford) rekindled marriage. If Anna has been replaced by Alex, she would love that. Remember that Alex mocked Anna for rejecting Valentin for his physical deformities back in the day. Alex truly cared about Valentin and made love to him, and her obsession continues. Also, remember Alex escaped WSB custody and went looking for Valentin to save him – even when she didn’t need to.

Other signs that Alex might be back

Anna’s a pretty honest person, so her blackmailing Finn and forcing him to come along with her to entrap Cassandra the diamond broker seem shady and more like Alex. Also, Anna was leaving town without warning Griffin she was going, knowing he was waiting on info about the Russian clinic. That also seems much more like Alex than Anna. Of course, there could be more to this scheme than just Alex being obsessed with Valentin.

Maybe it’s about the jewels, too. Since Alex is not committed to life on the run to evade the WSB, that costs money. General Hospital rumors hint that if it is Alex, she might want both Valentin and the jewels that will buy her continued freedom. Spoilers from Soap Central say Anna continues to pressure Finn. With the grieving doc along for the ride (against his will), is there a chance he’ll realize there’s a sister swap because “Anna” is in good health instead of fatigued by her blood cancer?

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