General Hospital Spoilers: Valentin Tied To Patient 6, Franco Painting, And ‘Real’ Jason Reveal?

General Hospital spoilers tease that Patient 6 (Steve Burton) and his troubles will tie to most everyone on GH, including Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). Recent spoilers (and history) make it clear that Valentin isn’t the one who made Patient 6 a dangerous psychopath, but he might have inherited the problem when he took over as head of the Cassadine family. Here’s what we know and what’s coming soon for this umbrella plot that will take over the ABC soap for the next nine months.

Patient 6 knows Sonny – so it’s OG Jason?

A new General Hospital spoilers promo video from ABC for Monday’s episode shows that the phone number Patient 6 slipped to Ava (Maura West) dialed Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) home phone. That’s not a number that many people know given Sonny’s tight security. So how did Patient 6 come to possess the number? The obvious answer is that he’s the “real” Jason Morgan, but that’s complicated since GH worked hard to prove that Jake Doe was also Jason Morgan. What a mess.

Ava didn’t recognize the digits as Sonny’s, but she did see it was a Port Chuck area code. After Dr. Klein’s hang-up call on Monday — and Sonny’s concerns about family security — you can bet he will chase down the mystery caller. Next week, GH spoilers from TV Source promise that Brick (Stephen A. Smith) is back because Sonny has a job for him. Sonny will task Brick with tracing back the anonymous cell phone that called him and Brick digs into it.

Who bought Franco’s twin painting?

Another General Hospital mystery surrounds who bought the twin painting at Franco’s (Roger Howarth) art show. Spoilers hint it was Valentin who bought the painting, but why? The week of October 2, Soap Central says Valentin makes a grand gesture to Nina. Remember, they dropped into the art show for just a moment, and that painting upset Nina because it reminded her of Franco tricking her.

It seems Valentin might have bought the painting for Nina so she could destroy it to get some closure on Franco saying he never wanted kids then running off to play house with Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and her brood of boys. It doesn’t seem likely that Nina would destroy a piece of art, and she may send it back to Franco. We’ll know more once Valentin unveils the painting to his wife.

Patient 6 kept against his will – who’s to blame?

Last week, GH viewers saw Patient 6 drugged with ketamine. According to a drug abuse awareness site, it’s a strong tranquilizer that can keep even the strongest person sedated and in a trance-like state, and it can also cause amnesia. However, the site also says that after prolonged use, it’s possible to build up a tolerance to the powerful anesthetic.

With Patient 6 struggling to get out of his wheelchair, Ava was right: the effects of the drug aren’t what the clinic’s docs believe. But who is keeping Patient 6 there? Since Helena (Constance Towers) bought Jake Doe from Faison (Anders Hove) to use as an assassin, it seems likely Faison did this to Patient 6. But who’s paying the bills now with Helena gone?

Valentin or Faison keeping Patient 6 in Russia?

Last week on General Hospital, Dr. Klein called someone to discuss Patient 6’s status and the trouble they’ve had with him. But who did Klein call? Someone stashed Burton’s character there — a person with money and influence. Since Valentin sent Ava there, he’s got contacts at the clinic. It seems like a stretch to think Valentin did anything to old Jason, but maybe he inherited the problem.

Some GH spoilers hint that Nikolas (ex-Tyler Christopher) might have known about Jason’s fate because of Helena. When Valentin inherited all the Cassadine assets and liabilities, he might have also inherited the bill for keeping Jason prisoner. The likely culprit in all of this is Faison since he was in the business of brainwashing and making assassins for Helena. We’ll know more soon.

What do you think? Does Valentin know there’s another Jason at the Russian clinic or will he be stunned when the truth comes out? Will Nina wreck Franco’s painting or give it back? Catch up on the latest scoop on other Jason’s coma crisis with amnesia, casting and writer shakeups at GH, and Anna’s terrible behavior. Check back soon for new General Hospital spoilers.

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