Luann de Lesseps Closer To Her Son After Divorce From Thomas D’Agostino?

Luann de Lesseps was ecstatic when she met Thomas D’Agostino last year. She felt that they were the perfect match for one another, and she was thrilled that she would get married again. He proposed marriage to her after they had dated a few months, and before the year was over, they had gotten married. While Luann was excited about her new role as wife, Thomas didn’t show the same enthusiasm for the nuptials. He claimed he loved Luann, but he had a hard time leaving his bachelor lifestyle behind. Some people claimed he married her for the fame of The Real Housewives of New York, but others say he didn’t like it because it exposed him and his bachelor ways.

During their marriage, reports surfaced that Luann’s children were concerned about her. Her daughter supposedly had a fight with D’Agostino, and Luann’s son was angry after Thomas had been caught kissing another woman. Luann de Lesseps revealed that her son was devastated, as he could see how much it hurt his mother. So, are her children happy to be rid of Thomas? According to a new Instagram post, de Lesseps reveals that she and her son are closer than ever, and they recently celebrated his 21st birthday.

Noel doesn’t speak to the public about Luann de Lesseps’ role onThe Real Housewives of New York, and one can imagine she would feel odd to hear him speak out about her failed marriage. While Noel is probably devastated about his mother’s sadness as she had hoped to make it work, one can imagine he’s happy that he doesn’t have to worry about when Thomas will cheat again. It’s clear that he loves his mother, and he wants the best for her, even if de Lesseps herself can’t pick up on the red flags. While her Real Housewives of New York co-stars had warned her about D’Agostino before the wedding, she decided to go through with the nuptials regardless.

What do you think about Luann de Lesseps’ decision to celebrate her son on social media? Do you think her son is happy about Thomas being gone, as he was angry about D’Agostino’s cheating ways?

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