September 27, 2017
'Alaskan Bush People' News: Rain Brown Slammed On Facebook Amid Ami's Health Crisis

Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown is being slammed on Facebook yet again. The teen has been posting a bunch to social media -- especially to Instagram and Snapchat -- and some people have been taking that as an opportunity to put her down.

It started a couple of weeks ago when Rain took a liking to posting selfies. Quite a few people started commenting on her Instagram account, asking her why she would post selfies while her mom Ami was sick in the hospital, suffering from lung cancer. Although there were plenty of people to come to Rain's defense, the criticism just hasn't stopped.

On the popular anti-fan Facebook page 'Alaskan Bush People' Exposed, viewers have been very vocal about their disapproval of Rain and have made their feelings about her abundantly clear. Naturally, it's not surprising to read negative comments about the Brown family on a non-fan page, but people seem to really be going hard on Rain, regardless of the outlet.

"She is a very disturbed teenager with no adult supervision. There is no responsible adult giving her [any] direction in life. She has been left floundering on her own. She is spoiled rotten and showing it. Very sad. Terrible parenting... LONG before Ami became ill, so save the... 'Oh her Mom is sick' comments. These two have been horrible parents," wrote one Facebook user.

"She has developed quite the attitude. Facial expressions not becoming at all. She should stick the forest," said another.

Ironically (or not), the comments were made on a fake news story that was meant to trash the very one you are reading. That's neither here nor there, of course, as the matter at hand seems to be whether or not this bashing of Rain is warranted -- and different people have different feelings when it comes to that.

As you can see from the comments above, some people blame Rain's parents for raising her the way that they did. Others believe that she has grown into a bratty teen with an attitude problem. And then there are the people who take to social media (non-fan site or not) to defend Rain, who is undoubtedly going through so much and very well may lose her mom in the coming weeks. Where do you fall? Do you agree that Rain has an attitude and that she has become unlikable? Or do you think people need to leave her alone?

As far as an update on Ami's health goes, the Inquisitr previously reported that she is out of the hospital, but that chemotherapy has left her very weak. Her prognosis is not good, but she is still fighting.

[Featured Image by Rain Brown/Instagram]