September 27, 2017
Two Hospital Employees Arrested For Allegedly Raping 15-Year-Old Suicidal Patient

Two hospital employees in Memphis, Tennessee are in police custody for allegedly taking turns raping a suicidal teen patient on more than one occasion, according to Fox 13 Salt Lake City. In July of this year, authorities say a 15-year-old girl was admitted to the Saint Francis Hospital for treatment, but during her stay, attorney Parke Morris states that she was purportedly raped by Nigel Johnson and Jarvis Beck.

The attorney added that when a parent sends their child to a facility, they are expecting them to be safe. In this case, the vulnerable teen—whose name has not been released—was taken advantage of and became a victim of rape.

Johnson, 30, and Beck, 31, were arrested and charged with statutory rape by a person in a position of authority.

A former employee, whose name is being withheld, at Saint Francis Hospital said that she witnessed inappropriate interactions going on in the hospital, and she says that she, along with her co-workers, immediately alerted the hospital's management team.

She also stated that the hospital was short staffed.

Morris said that it is against policy for a male employee to be in a room alone with a female patient. He added that he believes Johnson and Beck violated that policy on several occasions.

Since one of the suspects was supposedly allowed to enter the room alone with the victim, it created an opportunity for the men to take advantage of the teen patient, said Morris.

Officials with the Saint Francis Hospital were asked if they were made aware of the purported policy violations and inappropriate interactions transpiring in the hospital, but they were reluctant to respond due to a pending litigation. They did, however, confirm that Johnson and Beck were no longer employed at the hospital.

Morris said that the victim's family did not file a lawsuit, disputing the hospital's claim of a pending litigation. He went on to say that the only case that is in court at this present time involves the criminal charges filed by the Memphis Police Department.

The victim's attorney believes that there may be more victims.

An investigation is ongoing.

[Featured Image by Alex Schmidt/iStock]