‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’ Will Include An Arcade Mode Where Players Fight Bots, Earn Star Cards

Star Wars Battlefront 2 includes many multiplayer game modes like its predecessor, but it also includes a single-player campaign. The sequel will also include the newly announced Arcade mode, which might remind players a bit of the original AI encounters in the older titles developed by Pandemic Studios. Arcade mode lets players battle against AI units with AI teammates where they can test out their Star Cards and learn more about the game.

In addition to testing the Star Cards they earn in the online multiplayer, the Arcade mode in Star Wars Battlefront 2 also gives players a way to earn in-game credits. These credits can be used to buy Crates, which can include more Star Cards that can be used in the Arcade or the multiplayer modes, according to the PlayStation Blog. Challenges, custom Arcade games, and Battle Scenarios will extend the gameplay value of the Arcade mode with new goals.

Although the Arcade is an offline experience, players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be able to play the mode split-screen with a friend. Split-screen players can work together or play against each other competitively in an Arcade match. In the upcoming open beta, players will get a chance to see the new Arcade mode option.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Arcade mode against AI
Earn credits in the Arcade to buy Crates. [Image by Electronic Arts]

Two types of Arcade mode battles will be in the beta for Star Wars Battlefront 2. Players can join the ranks in a team battle with 10 units on each side, or they can test their mettle in a hero battle. In the hero skirmish, players take on the role as an iconic hero while they fight many AI mobs. In the beta, players will have access to the Darth Maul hero fight against a slew of enemies on Naboo.

The new Arcade mode and several of the game’s other modes will be available when the beta begins next month. The open beta will include the Galactic Assault on Naboo and the Starfighter Assault competitive multiplayer matches. As the Inquisitr reported, the open beta begins on October 6. Pre-ordering the shooter before October 1 will give players early access to the beta on October 4. Star Wars Battlefront 2 will release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 14.

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