Matt Roloff Spends Time ‘Hanging Out’ With Baby Jackson & Baby Ember ‘On Her First Ever Visit’ To Roloff Farms

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff recently spent some time “hanging out” with grandbabies Jackson and Ember on Roloff Farms. The proud 55-year-old grandpa shared on social media that baby Ember had her “first ever visit to the farm” over the weekend. Ember Jean, who recently turned 2-weeks-old, is Matt and Amy Roloff’s second grandbaby and first-born child to newlyweds Jeremy and Audrey Roloff.

One of Matt Roloff’s oldest children, Jeremy Roloff, 27, made the move back to Portland, Oregon, with wife Audrey, 26, back in May to be closer to extended family and the large Roloff family farm, according to In Touch Weekly. The newlywed couple, who celebrated their three-year wedding anniversary this month, also wanted their first child, Ember Jean Roloff, to grow up alongside cousin Jackson Kyle Roloff, Jeremy’s fraternal twin brother Zach’s first-born child.

Jeremy’s wife, Audrey, and Zach’s wife, Tori, were pregnant together for much of their pregnancies, and there’s only almost exactly a four-month age difference between baby Jackson and baby Ember. Baby Jackson has spent quite a bit of time visiting grandpa Matt Roloff on Roloff Farms since his birth on May 12. Baby Ember celebrated her 2-week birthday over the weekend, as shared by first-time mom Audrey on Instagram, and proud grandpa Matt Roloff shared on Facebook that baby Ember made her first visit to Roloff Farms on Sunday.

The Little People, Big World patriarch, and now proud grandpa to two adorable grandbabies, wrote on Facebook that he “spent the morning hanging out with Jackson and Ember on her first ever visit to the farm.” Matt Roloff has enjoyed spending time with baby Jackson on the family farm over the last four months, judging from his posts on social media that say baby Jackson visits Roloff Farms almost daily. A Facebook post from last month shows grandpa Matt hanging “out again with Jackson today in the office.”

Beloved reality TV personality Matt Roloff captioned the photo with “it’s another great day to be a grandpa on Roloff Farm.” The sprawling 36-acre Roloff family farm, located in a suburb of Portland, Oregon, called Helvetia, Oregon, is where Matt and Amy Roloff raised their four children and has been the backdrop for the Roloff family’s TLC reality TV series since 2006. Proud grandma Amy Roloff, 53, shared on Instagram last month that Roloff Farms “is made for family and kids, and now my kid’s kid,” referring to Zach’s first-born child and Amy’s first grandchild, Jackson.

Unfortunately, Matt Roloff didn’t share any photos of baby Ember’s “first ever visit” to Roloff Farms but says he can’t wait to show his followers some photos. Matt, who’s been called the “world’s best grandfather,” did describe his second grandbaby to Little People, Big World fans on Sunday, saying that baby Ember is the “most perfect package,” a “bit shy,” and a “big-time star.” “Happy grandpa” Matt Roloff went on to tell his followers to “just wait and see,” leaving Little People, Big World fans to say that they “can’t wait to see” more of baby Ember.

The upcoming new season of Little People, Big World has baby Jackson “headed to the small screen,” according to In Touch Weekly last month. Baby Jackson made his reality TV debut on the last season of Little People, Big World, which ended in June with a two-hour finale episode of his birth. Fans of the Roloff family’s reality TV show are hoping to see more of both baby Jackson, as well as the youngest and most recent addition to the large Roloff family, Ember Jean Roloff, during the next new season.

Season 12 of Little People, Big World ended on June 27, and there’s usually anywhere from a three- to five-month gap between the end of one season to the premiere of the next new season. TLC has not yet announced that Little People, Big World is even renewed for Season 13, but Tori Roloff did reveal just over a month ago that filming for Season 13 had begun. A video that was uploaded to the Celebrity Status YouTube channel just three weeks ago shows camera crews doing interview clips with Zach, 27, Tori, 26, and baby Jackson on Roloff Farms, and mom Tori can be heard in the background calling baby Jackson “such a farm kid.”

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