Roman Reigns Says It’s Time For Cena To ‘Hit The Road’

Now that Roman Reigns has defeated John Cena in a WWE ring, one would assume that the respect would start to flow. However, while Reigns came out to open Monday Night Raw and said on Miz TV that he respects Cena, he had a different statement after beating John last night at No Mercy.

Roman Reigns Continues To Take Shots At John Cena

Roman Reigns beat John Cena in a great match at WWE No Mercy. Roman kicked out of multiple Attitude Adjustments, including a Super Attitude Adjustment off the turnbuckle. Then, after a hard-fought match, Reigns hit one spear and pinned Cena. After the match, John acted like he was leaving the WWE – at least for now.

While Roman Reigns has said that he now has respect for John Cena and what he has accomplished in the WWE, he still doesn’t seem to like John. In the interview after his win, Roman said that he has learned a lot from fighting guys like Cena, Undertaker, Triple H, Brock Lesnar and Big Show.

However, Roman Reigns then took a harsh final shot at John Cena after beating him. Reigns said that there are people who think they know it all. He said that Cena has done it all but he also knows it all. Reigns then finished by saying that people who think they know it all needs to hit the road. He then said it is hard to like someone like John Cena.

Roman Reigns Has A New Catchphrase

Roman Reigns made a lot of comments before the WWE No Mercy match against John Cena. Through the entire lead-in to the match with Cena, Reigns made a lot of comments that seemed hypocritical. That included comments made the day of No Mercy where Roman Reigns said that John Cena was a “catchphrase” while Reigns said that he doesn’t need catchphrases.

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Roman Reigns, in the exact same tweet that he said he didn’t need a catchphrase, he gave himself a new WWE catchphrase by saying he was “born to reign.” He can add that to “The Guy” and “this is my yard now.”

After the match, he answered criticism about saying he doesn’t need a WWE catchphrase and then creating a new one. Roman didn’t deny that it is a new catchphrase but explained that it was how he feels about himself, without being conceited or arrogant. Reigns also said that he has professional wrestling in his blood and that is why he was born to reign.

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