WWE News: Did John Cena Just Say Goodbye To WWE After Match With Roman Reigns At ‘No Mercy’?

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This evening, WWE presented No Mercy and it had some WrestleMania-style matches on the card with one of them featuring John Cena taking on Roman Reigns. It’s something that many would have thought to see in late March or April, but here it was near the end of September and it brought the house down. When all was said and done, though, there was a bit of confusion as it seems as if Reigns may have actually retired yet another legend in less than half a year.

With a couple matches left on the card, John Cena came out to the ring and he was followed by Roman Reigns. Almost immediately, the crowd broke into chants of “You Both Suck” before the action really got going, and it certainly did deliver.

As recapped by the official website of WWE, Reigns picked up a huge victory over Cena after kicking out of AA after AA, and nailing Cena with a Superman Punch and a Spear. While that was shocking enough in itself, it was the post-match happenings that really made the fans wonder.

Once all was said and done, it certainly did appear as if not only was John Cena done for the night, but is he done for good?

When the match ended, Cena recovered and finally stood up onto his feet as Roman Reigns celebrated his big victory. Cena walked over, the two men had a hug and shared a few words, and that is when John raised Reigns’ hand high into the air to congratulate him and let him have his moment.

It almost appeared to be a bit of a “passing the torch” moment to many wrestling fans.

Cena sat in the corner just looking around. As he stood up, Reigns had already left the ring and allowed Cena to wave to everyone and bow to the crowd. The fans chanted “Thank you, Cena” as he left the ringside area and headed to the back.

While John Cena is stepping away from the ring, he isn’t doing it for good. As reported by IW Nerd, Cena is going to be the star of the Transformers movie spin-off Bumblebee, which is already filming. The former champ needs time off from WWE to shoot the movie and make sure an injury doesn’t happen, which could alter production.

Fans aren’t going to see him for a while, but this was not his retirement match, despite how WWE made things look at No Mercy.

Update on Sept. 25, 2017

As reported by Wrestling Inc., John Cena appeared on the No Mercy after-show and said he isn’t done wrestling and this was not his retirement match. He has just hit a point in his career and life where he needs to slow things down a bit.

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For those wondering if John Cena is done with WWE, retiring from wrestling, and moving onto something else in his life, think again. He does have a number of other projects outside of the ring to work on and he’ll be doing that for months, but this is not the end of his time in wrestling. Roman Reigns hasn’t quite retired another legend at this time, but that’s not to say he won’t do it again in the future.

Once John Cena is done, though, expect his retirement match to happen at WrestleMania just like that of The Undertaker.

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