'BB19' Paul Says He's Heartbroken, Never Mocked Dominique's Race, Did Not Disrespect Cody's Military Service

Cia Young

Big Brother 19 houseguest Paul Abrahamian has taken to social media following the finale episode Wednesday, trying to set the record straight about his actions in the BB19 house. The two-time Big Brother player noted in a recent Instagram post that he would never use race to mock anyone, including cast member Dominique Cooper, and did not disrespect the military service of fellow houseguest Cody Nickson.

A day after Big Brother 19 came to an end, Paul posted the message as a caption to a black and white Instagram photo in which he looks serious and contemplative.

Paul begins his message noting how he was called a puppet master and a snake while in the BB19 house, finding these to be interesting labels. He also thanked those who supported him throughout the game, as well as CBS for giving him the chance to play the game again just a year after his Big Brother 18 loss to Nicole Franzel.

Ironically, this season mirrored his first time around in the house, as he came in second place again, losing BB19 to Josh Martinez.

Paul notes in his Instagram post that since he is out of the house, he wants to speak on his own behalf, indicating "it hurts" his "heart" that anyone would ever think that he would "try to mock a houseguest with racism."

An incident regarding Paul and Dominique made headlines, with TMZ reporting that Paul planned to dress in blackface to mock his fellow cast mate.

Paul continues the post by writing that because Dominique had referred to him "as a snake for an entire week," he decided to ridicule himself rather than let her ridicule him by wearing a "snake pattern dress... & painting a diamond on my head to imitate a black diamond snake." Paul further indicates that in the BB19 house he often used a "Dead Sea black face-mask to exfoliate my skin which I used to finish my snake outfit."

He then went on to address media reports, such as the one published by Elite Daily, about BB19 houseguests and their perceived attacks on Cody and his military service.

Paul says in his post that he loves and supports this nation and respects "every single person who has/is" serving this country. He states he "did not disrespect Cody's service" and had personally thanked his fellow cast mate on several occasions "for his time in the military." Paul asserts that Cody lied as well, alleging the following.

"Cody admitted to lying not only about his age, but also the time he served & what branches he served in, for his game. This obviously caused the house, including myself, to question exactly who Cody was or what he actually did..."

Although this season of Big Brother 19 is over, in just a few short months Celebrity Big Brother is set to premiere on CBS, hitting airways this winter.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]