‘Mad Pooper’ Inspires Defecating On The Run Confessions — Still At Large In Colorado

The female jogger who has raised quite the stink in a Colorado neighborhood for squatting and defecating on lawns has become an inspiration for others today. It seems this “dump and run” story has inspired others to come forth with their stories of squatting to the call of nature in places they shouldn’t. The police are still looking for a woman, who jogs in a suburban neighborhood of Colorado Springs and who has been seen numerous times squatting with her pants down around her ankles having a bowel movement within the public’s view.

One family, who have seen her more than once, was able to capture the Mad Pooper in images that they’ve posted online. The police in Colorado Springs were hoping that someone would recognize the woman and turn her in. But the woman’s identity remains a mystery to this day.

People have reported seeing her not only pooping on the neighborhood lawns, but they’ve witnessed her dropping her drawers and leaving her calling card on the pavement of a Walgreens parking lot. According to the Mercury News, Cathy Budde, who lives in Colorado Springs, first became aware of the Mad Pooper when her kids came running into the house to give her the gruesome details of what they saw a lady do in the yard. Even after Cathy posted a note to the jogger asking her to stop, the Mad Pooper kept up this behavior. She was seen squatting once again not too far from that note posted on the corner of the Budde’s property.

According to a previous Inquisitr article, this mysterious jogger has conjured up so much attention that the people who make the toilet paper Charmin have offered her a year’s supply of their toilet paper if she turns herself in. She does jog with napkins, but she leaves them behind after she is done tidying up her undercarriage following her dirty deed.


This unknown woman has gotten her 15 minutes of fame and then some. She’s even inspired others to come out with their own stories of having to poop on the run. Unless you are a jogger or are close to someone who jogs long distances, you probably don’t realize that a bowel movement suddenly making its urgency known is a common occurrence among those who run. The urgency can be quite strong and it comes on quite suddenly to those jarring themselves up and down for long periods of time while in the jogging mode.

According to Dead Spin, long-distance runners understand this urgency when their “innards clench up miles away from a bathroom,” leaving them in terror wondering where to go. A woman named Emily wrote into Dead Spin with her “crappy” tale about how she was able to hold back an urgent bowel movement rumbling inside of her as she jogged along. When she got to the finish line of her race, she was quite proud of herself for putting that halt on Mother Nature.

After 13.1 miles, Emily’s legs were numb from running, so perhaps this is why she didn’t feel the stream of loose excrement running down her leg until her best friend pointed it out. That was an embarrassing moment. She had that bowel movement anyway. She didn’t feel it and she couldn’t stop it, which was an extremely unpleasant end to her day.

Another jogger, Lawrence, confessed how during his training for a half marathon he got the urge to defecate and it was so bad that he just couldn’t wait. Miles away from the nearest public toilet and in a populated neighborhood, he saw no opportunity to relieve himself in a private area. That was until he came upon a cemetery with a high stone wall. Lawrence ducked behind that stone wall, dropped his drawers and called his bowel movement “glorious” at the time.

Once he was done with his feelings of elation for ridding himself of the urgent pain, he looked up just in time to see an elderly man with the “look of horror on his face.” The man, who Lawrence estimated to be about 90 years old, was standing about 30 feet away from him. Lawrence said he will never forget the guy’s face for as long as he lives.

It looks as though the Mad Pooper has started a trend of pooping on the run stories. Now if they can only catch her so she can explain what’s behind her Mad Pooper story. You can check the Mad Pooper out in the video below.


[Featured Image by lzf/Shutterstock]