Daniel Bryan Names The One WWE Star He Wants To Wrestle, ‘SmackDown’ Star Responds – ROH Champ Taunts Bryan

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The wrestling fans of the world continue to wait and see if Daniel Bryan will ever be able to wrestle again, and it may happen, but everyone knows it may not be for WWE. While he awaits medical clearance or the end of his current contract, he still teases the fans and even continues to talk about a return to wrestling. Now, he’s revealed the one star on WWE’s roster who he wants to face while also being taunted by a huge champion in Ring of Honor.

Bryan continues to train with his wife Brie Bella, but it isn’t just to stay in shape. If WWE doctors ever give him the go-ahead to wrestle, he’s going to jump in the ring for his big return. Now, if he doesn’t get that clearance by the time his contract expires next year, he could go wrestle in another promotion.

If his in-ring return can’t happen in WWE, it would be a huge shame as there are so many new names on the roster that would make for interesting match-ups. Wrestling Inc. noticed a question tweeted out by a fan which asked Bryan who he would want to face more than anyone from WWE or NXT.

Daniel Bryan answered him and it was a pure mark-out moment for thousands of fans.

It may be needless to say, but the fans would love to see that match in any ring around the world. Apparently, Shinsuke Nakamura also wants it to happen and believes it will.

That is a dream match-up that needs to happen. Well, it needs to happen exactly as Nakamura said: “Somehow someday.” It may not take place in WWE if Bryan can’t be cleared by doctors, but the chance is always there for it to happen somewhere else.

wwe news daniel bryan shinsuke nakamura cody rhodes smackdown wrestle return

Speaking of other promotions, there are many who would certainly welcome Bryan onto their roster once he completes his contract with WWE. There is even a current champion in Ring of Honor who would love to face off with Bryan, and he’s actually been calling him out.

As reported by Cageside Seats, ROH World Champion Cody Rhodes took on Minoru Suzuki last night at Death Before Dishonor and he retained his title. During the match, though, Rhodes took it upon himself to taunt Bryan, and it was blatantly obvious what he was doing.

This wouldn’t be the first time the two have verbally crossed paths as Bryan trolled Rhodes on Twitter right after his big ROH Title win this summer. Cody did respond and didn’t think it was anything serious, but he was more than willing to accept that match if the time ever came for it.

Daniel Bryan is still the General Manager of SmackDown Live and he will continue in that role for at least another year unless storylines change. That is about how long he has on his current contract, and unless doctors clear him, he could very well leave for another promotion. If he can get back into the ring for WWE, Shinsuke Nakamura is waiting. If Bryan has to go somewhere else to wrestle, Cody Rhodes is on the list.

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