Melania Trump Sparks A New Defense For Trump – Footwear

Melania Trump went from the quiet confines of Trump Tower to becoming one of the most talked about women in the world. That transition has been well documented in the thousands of headlines that have sprouted up since Trump’s days on the campaign trail.

While Melania has become a fashion icon among her supporters, she has also been the target of many critics since becoming the nation’s first lady. For the most part, Melania and Donald Trump have ignored the comments but apparently, one incident is still on Donald Trump’s mind.

Trump has spent a good portion of this week speaking out in defense of many things from his Obamacare “repeal and replace” to his thoughts on putting an abrupt halt to the threats coming from North Korea with their missiles. As of Friday night, Trump took on another defense, this time it was footwear. In particular, the shoes that conjured up major backlash for Melania Trump last month.

According to The Hill, Donald Trump took time out on Friday night while speaking at a rally for Senator Luther Strange in Alabama to talk about what Melania has experienced recently. Trump had been sharing his thoughts on the media while at the podium of that political rally when he moved on to Melania as an example.

Suggesting that his wife is very much like many of the women in the audience when it comes to her choice of footwear, he methodically explained what Melania was up against. Trump was talking about the overblown incident of Melania wearing high heels on the flight down to Hurricane Harvey.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump Shoes
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Before she even got off the plane in Texas, she was already being targeted for wearing heels to a flood zone. According to the Washington Examiner, Trump said that Melania has great respect for the White House, so when she left the White Hous on the way to Texas, she was dressed in clothes appropriate for the White House. When she got off the plane in Texas she was appropriately dressed to tour the hurricane devastation.

Trump explained her plight.

“She’s wearing high-heels like many of you would do. And they [media] went after her, but she didn’t know, and then when she got off the plane in Texas she was wearing sneakers, which she had with her. And they [media] know it was dishonest.”

Trump then added sarcastically, “You know, she’s going to go into the floods with her high heels.” At the time neither Melania or Donald Trump commented on all the negativity involving Melania’s choice of footwear.

Melania Trump in Flannel Shirt
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When Melania Trump boarded Air Force One with her husband for their first trip to the hurricane-ravaged areas in Texas she had on stiletto heels. The Hill reports that Melania’s communication director addressed the negative coverage in the media over the first lady’s shoes.

“It’s sad that we have an active and ongoing natural disaster in Texas, and people are worried about her shoes,” she said.

It didn’t matter how Melania was dressed for the flight to Texas. Trump said that when Melania got off the plane, she was dressed appropriately for the task at hand, despite what she was wearing when she left the White House. With that said, Trump also made note of Melania’s popularity reaching 44 percent approval rating in a poll recently done by CNN.

[Featured Image by Andrew Harnik/AP Images]