Kylie And Travis ‘Surprised But Happy’ With Pregnancy, Couple Reportedly Expecting Baby Girl In February

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are now soon-to-be parents and everyone is ecstatic. The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan and her rapper beau are reportedly expecting their first child in February.

On Friday, news broke that the Life of Kylie star is pregnant with her first child with the “Goosebumps” rapper. TMZ reported that Kylie has been telling friends about the pregnancy earlier this month at the Day N Night Fest in Anaheim, California.

The gossip site also claimed that Travis has been doing the same and telling people how his life was going to change.

And just like any soon-to-be parents, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are “overjoyed” about the newest addition in their lives. Sources close to the couple told People that they were “surprised but happy” about the pregnancy.

“They started telling friends a few weeks ago. The family has known for quite some time. She is really excited and so is Travis!”

The news outlet also noted that Travis couldn’t keep his excitement about being a dad and has been “protective” of Kylie ever since they found out about the pregnancy.

“He was so excited he couldn’t keep it in. He’s been so affectionate and protective of Kylie since they found out. He can’t wait to be a dad.”

As for the cosmetics mogul, sources revealed that she is the “happiest she’s ever been,” especially with the full support of her family.

Although it remains unconfirmed how far along is Kylie Jenner in her rumored pregnancy, reports claimed that she and Travis Scott is expecting a baby girl in February.

Interestingly, Kylie Jenner has been posting old photos of herself on Instagram, mostly those which flaunted her flat stomach. Though there were some current snaps of herself on social media, it is quite noticeable that they’re mostly taken from the chest up, completely avoiding her tummy.

Apparently, Kylie was worried that people would find out about her pregnancy before she was ready to share the news, prompting her to post old photos of herself instead.

Adding more hype to her pregnancy news, Kylie Jenner posted an interesting fanart image of herself carrying a young child. In the artwork, a blonde Kylie can be seen cuddling a brunette little girl, which resembles herself. The adorable child is also holding a Kylie lipstick.

It remains unclear what exactly Kylie has been trying to tell her fans about the post but one thing is for sure, it definitely looks like a perfect mother and daughter moment.

[Featured Image by John Misa, Robb D. Cohen/AP Images]

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