Emma Stone Reveals Why She Gave Away Her Oscar

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Emma Stone isn’t the type of actor to tout her achievements, even when they’re well-earned. While there are some performers who value the recognition that comes along with receiving an award, Ms. Stone reveals she feels differently and confesses to having given away her recent Oscar award for that reason. The Oscar was bestowed upon Emma for her work in La La Land, and while she’s grateful to be honored for her hard work, she says she doesn’t need a trophy for it.

Emma Stone Dishes On Her La La Land Oscar

While promoting her new film, Battle of the Sexes, Emma Stone appeared as a guest on Late Night with Seth Myers, and as Glamour reports, the actress spent part of the interview talking about the Academy Awards. More precisely, she told Seth that she’s not interested in displaying the Oscar she won for Best Actress in her home. Instead, Emma gave the award away to her mom.

Stone says it felt “a little strange” to have the Oscar on display in her own home. While the La La Land actress didn’t feel keen on displaying her Oscar, she added that she does keep some awards and mementos on display in her own home.

“I have two things in my apartment that are related to that kind of idea,” Emma told Seth during the interview. “A Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award — which is an orange blimp that is also a kaleidoscope — and my spelling bee trophy from the fourth grade. I got first place in the spelling bee.”

Emma Stone Discusses Her Anxiety: “I Started At 7”

Emma Stone

The actress also interviewed with Stephen Colbert for her Battle of the Sexes role, and as Today reports, she took the opportunity to share her experiences with anxiety. She told Stephen that she had started therapy, when she was 7-years-old, because her parents noticed early on that she was struggling to manage the condition.

“I was a very, very, very anxious child, and I had a lot of panic attacks,” said Stone.

The Battle of the Sexes actress added that the therapy was a big help. Stone shared a picture she drew from that time with her therapist, which the 7-year-old Emma Stone captioned by writing, “I’m bigger than my anxiety.”

The picture shows Stone standing next to her anxiety, which she drew as a little green creature that looked like “a uterus with some ovaries,” though the actress added that she never intended it to look “hormonal” at all. Although Stone and Colbert had a good laugh over the drawing, Emma says the therapy helped her to manage her panic attacks. She still experiences anxiety, but she no longer lets it control her.

Battle of the Sexes, starring Emma Stone and Steve Carell, opens in theaters today.

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