Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo May Move Abroad, Husband Posts About ‘Dream Job’ And Wife Skates Wearing Pants

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are the most unconventional couple on Counting On. Not only did they move away from Arkansas, where the rest of the Duggars live, but they also opened up to traveling, wearing pants and holding off on baby making. They took this lifestyle up one more notch last week when Jinger’s husband posted on Twitter about his dream job – in Edinburgh.

Jinger and Jeremy got married last November and have been spending their time together in fulfilling ways. Unlike Jill and Derick, Jessa and Ben, and Joy-Anna and Austin, the couple moved away from her home state and started traveling intensely. They are often touted as the “smart” couple on Counting On, as they take their time to get to know each other before starting a family of their own.

In particular, the 23-year-old Duggar’s Instagram is filled with pictures from California, Pennsylvania, and New York, showing how she loves to capture the sights and sounds of places she has never been before.

So it actually may be a windfall on the couple if her husband were to find a job that took them overseas. In a recent tweet that he posted, he alluded that he would love to move to Scotland to work for Banner of Truth, a Christian publishing company.


The job requires the employee to be “involved in all aspects of the editorial work, from early manuscript development to detailed editing, proofing, and page design.” While Jeremy, who was a professional soccer player before starting his studies to join the ministry, may not have the hard skills, his connections to the company may actually make this possible.

From the Instagram pictures the couple has posted, it is likely that they will enjoy their time living in Edinburgh. Jinger recently posted a picture from their ice skating session at a local rink, wearing pants, and showing how she is open to new experiences.

This would bring about an interesting dynamic shift in the Duggar family reality TV show, Counting On. There was a time in which Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard lived abroad in Central America, and the crew had to follow them abroad. So it is likely that, if Jinger and Jeremy were to go overseas, they will still remain a part of the TLC show.

The couple is still in the honeymoon phase of their marriage, often making posts about how much they love each other. Jinger wrote a sweet message for her new husband for his 30th birthday this month.

“Happy Birthday to the most incredible husband, friend, companion, leader, soulmate, protector, and man of God ever created! [Jeremy] you are the love of my life,” she wrote in a post for his birthday. “I couldn’t imagine life without you, baby! I love you with all of my heart!”

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[Featured Image by Jessa Seewald/Instagram]